FeelConnect App: Sync Kiiroo Sex Toys To Camming Sites



Feel Connect App: Interactive Camming Shows

The Feel Connect app makes it possible to easily implement interactive device technology to your website and let people control your device from any website. The performer app is made for those people that want their device to be controlled by someone else via a website or want to set up an interactive session between devices. The connection process is simple. Connect your bluetooth device with app and link with the site by scanning a QR code. Your interactive devices can now control or be controlled.


How The FeelConnect App Works

If a camming site is compatible with the FeelConnect app, that camming site will generate a QR Code with all the information required to sync the site with the mobile app. From there, the interactive sex toy can be sync to the app via Blue Tooth, and to the camming site via the app.


The FeelConnect App Is Available On Android and iOS

The FeelConnect App is available on both Android as well as iOS. The mobile app can be found in both the Google Play Store, as well as the Apple Store. No app is currently available for Windows Phones, but they are a minority as far as mobile devices go, and the major operating systems are covered.


Tip To Vibe Shows Are Popular and Profitable!

Tip to Vibe shows are not only popular, but very profitable for models! Although these shows generate ‘Micro Tips’, these tips come in steadily, as to keep the toy working. The nature of how fast these tips are generated makes this style of show very profitable, even though the tips are usually in very small increments. As long as the toy is constantly generating tips, even small ones, it scales to a healthy dollar amount on the grand scale of things. Many token-based models will state that interactive Tip to Vibe shows are their most profitable show types.


Why The Mobile App Is Better than Sound Activation

When the concept of “Teledildonics” and interactive shows first became a possibility, they were originally sound activated. Although this was revolutionary at the time, these toys interacted with all sounds, although it was claimed that they interacted with the specific sound of the tip. With the mobile app and directly syncing with the camming site, the toys are powered by the actual tips and not a random sound. This style of direct integration is much better than the toy simply being powered by a tipping sound.


How To Sync FeelConnect App With Kiiroo Toys

Kiiroo is one of the major sex toy companies using the FeelConnect App to connect their toys to the various camming sites. Kiiroo has multiple integration partners that leverage the FeelConnect App for interactive camming shows. Here are the guides to sync Kiiroo devices to the various camming sites:


Download The FeelConnect App Today!

Ready to download the FeelConnect App and sync your interactive sex toy to your camming site? Here’s the app on Google Play and the Apple Store. Downloading and installing the app is easy. So is syncing it to your camming site. Each camming site has a slightly different list of steps for setting up the app, but once the QR Code is generated and scanned, the network is synced. Then, simply use the Blue Tooth technology to connect the app to your sex toy, and you’re good to go!

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