FanCentro Releases New Premium FanClub Feature


FanCentro Offers Premium Fanclub Subscriptions

FanCentro, a platform for selling Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions has jumped into the fanclub game. Their new fanclub feature is developed and currently being tested with a handful of influencers. The feature is planning to be rolled out to all models here July 3rd.


How The New Fanclub Feature Works

If you’re familiar with any of the other platforms offering premium subscription services, than you’ll feel real familiar with the new FanCentro fanclubs.

Example: FanCentro Fanclub Subscriptions

The fanclub feed will be featured on the models profile page, along with the cost to subscribe. The content will be censored until the customer pays the monthly subscription cost. The customer will have to keep paying the monthly renewal if they wish to continue to access the premium content.


How It Works On The Back-End

When you login to the FanCentro, there will be an option to create a post, and an area of the admin for managing the posts.

FanCento Fanclubs: Admin Area

There’s an option to upload media: Either one video file or 12 images, or attach up to 10 files to the post. The posts can be made either private (for premium fanclub subscribers only) or public. There’s an option to either publish a post or save it as a draft. It does not appear that there’s any scheduling functionality at this time.


FanCentro FanClubs Pay 75%

FanCentro fanclub subscriptions have a 75% model payout rate. This is the exact same percentage models receive for Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions right now. Cashout options, min payouts and everything is all the same as social media subscriptions right now, and the earnings are all bundled together.


Affiliate Program Through MCProfits

If you’re an affiliate marketer interested in promoting the new feature, you’ll be able to! FanCentro fanclubs will be added to MCProfits, the official affiliate program of both FanCentro, as well as ModelCentro. In addition to promoting Fanclub subscriptions, MCProfits affiliates can also promote Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions as well.


How To Start Using The New Feature

If you’re excited about this new feature and can’t wait to use it yourself, you’ll have to be a little patient. Outside of the handful of influencers testing out the functionality, there’s no way to get early access. We’re just going to have to wait until the complete rollout of the new feature. In the meantime, FanCentro is a great platform for selling Instagram and Snapchat subscriptions.


Product Launch Scheduled For July 3rd

FanCentro is planning to roll out the new feature globally on July 3rd, 2018. According to the company, all the functionality has been tested and is solid. Finalizations of the feature will occur during the last week of July.


More Information For FanCentro Models

Interested in getting started on FanCentro? You can either signup here or learn more about the network by checking out the link below. FanCentro is a leading platform for monetizing social media followings. You can make money off both Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions. Coming soon, also make money from fanclub subscriptions directly on the platform. Plus, list your camming site, clip site and other web properties and take advantage of their model directory.

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