FanCentro Announces New Discount / Coupon Feature


FanCentro Influencers Can Now Add Coupons

FanCentro, a popular network for monetizing social media subscriptions has added a brand new feature. Now FanCentro performers can add discounts to their Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions. Discounted subscriptions can really help with the number of sales. Everyone loves feeling like they’re getting something of value for a way better price. Even with a discounted selling price, this can mean bigger profits for you!


Discounts Can Be Added To Any Tiered Package

Want to keep your monthly subscriptions at full price but discount the annual subscription rates? That is completely possible with the new discount feature. Discounting the larger packages can incentivize customers to go big instead of just going with the basic package.


Add Temporary Offers

Another tactic is to run a temporary offer for a certain duration of time. A Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale is a perfect example of this. Creating a temporary discounted offer creates a sense of urgency. If someone is interested in subscribing, they better do it now


More Information On FanCentro

Interested in becoming a FanCentro performer? Signup today! FanCentro is a platform for performers to monetize their social media following. FanCentro gives you all the tools you need to charge for Snapchat and Instagram subscriptions. FanCentro handles all the initial and reoccuring bills. Performers get announcements when new people subscribe and unsubscribe. Plus, get listed in the FanCentro directory. You can learn more about the platform by following the link below.

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