FanCentro Reaches 4,000 Performers – Credits Patreon Exodus

FanCentro: Signups Increasing In Wake Of Patreon

FanCentro: Signups Increasing In Wake Of Patreon

FanCentro has reached 4,000 influencers. Not only is this an epic benchmark, but FanCentro also announced that the rate-of-signup has increased drastically due to a Patreon exodus. For those that aren’t aware, Patreon cracked down on adult performers. This led to a media-storm, both inside and outside of the adult industry.


The Aftermath Of The Patreon Announcement

Patreon’s CEO wrote an open-letter, trying to explain that they never changed any policies; just elaborated on them. This has been blatantly debunked by performers that have leaked multiple emails Patreon has sent to adult performers in the past. These emails show a much more warm and welcoming stance on policies.

FanCentro CEO Stan “Da’Man” Fiskin wrote an open-letter to Patreon as well. In this open-letter, he didn’t only call out Patreon for using adult as a stepping-stone for success. He called out every brand for the practice! It’s common practice for new platforms to honor adult until they gain enough traction to sustain themselves without their adult base.

This is amplified by “Money Things”. Ya know; the company in question receiving venture capital, announcing their IPO, getting acquired by someone else. “Money Things”. When you sell your car, you get it detailed first. When you sell your company, you get it all “Nice and Clean”, as well.


ModelCentro / FanCentro: Best Positioned As “Patreon Alternatives”

It’s no surprise that FanCentro is picking up steam. FanCentro and ModelCentro (both owned and operated by the Centro Brand) are one of the best platforms to position themselves as a Patreon alternative. OnlyFans is worth an honorable mention as well.

All these brands are obvious choices for those looking for a new adult-friendly premium subscription service. Performers that migrate might not be getting as high of a percentage as they did with Patreon. But they’re not going to get banned, either.


Getting Started With FanCentro

Not already a FanCentro influencer? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy. Find out why Patreon artists are choosing FanCentro as their alternative, and join the 4,000+ influencers on the network. FanCentro makes it easy to make money from premium social media subscriptions, and is also a valuable tool for promotion. Get started today!

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