Facebook Marketing For Camgirls / Pornstars


Facebook Marketing For Pornstars / Cam Models

Facebook is a large network and can be a very valuable marketing tool. Unfortunately, Facebook also isn’t very adult-friendly. Outside of that, there are some major privacy concerns with Facebook. Facebook is really good with big data. And because of that, it’s not hard for Facebook to link your fake accounts / camming accounts with your real Facebook account, identity and friends. There’s been horror stories of Facebook suggesting peoples camming personas to real-life friends. That is something you don’t want to happen!

For that reason, many pornstars avoid Facebook, which is completely understandable. Especially since there’s plenty of adult-friendly sites that performers can market through. For those that are interested in promoting their services through Facebook, here’s some tips.



Warning: Major Privacy Concerns!

This can’t be stressed enough. Facebook might very likely suggest your profiles or pages to real life friends. This can lead to people doxxing you via Facebook! This is the last thing you want! For this reason, you might want to consider ditching Facebook all together. If you do decide to promote your services through Facebook, it’s important to take privacy insanely serious. Here’s some tips for safer Facebook (and social media in general).


Don’t Use Facebook Apps On Your Personal Phone!

This includes the official Facebook apps, as well as 3rd party apps. All these apps collect and use data. If your phone number is associated to other social media accounts (Facebook or otherwise) it makes it easy for apps to make associations. These mobile apps will often-times go through your contact list and try to make associations that way. The more associations these networks and apps can make, the greater chance you’ll be suggested to people you know outside of Camland. this goes beyond just Facebook. All the social networks are using tactics such as this.

If you’re going to use apps for Facebook and other social networks, it’s suggested having a separate “Camming Phone”. This can be useful in general, as there are times when different services request a phone number. Having a separate phone for camming-related things can be useful for things like this as well. It can also serve as an organization tool and it’s easier to keep both lives separate with two devices. If you go this route, definitely get a phone with an area code that isn’t near your real location.


Don’t Use Your Own Personal Account For Making Pages

If you’re going with a Facebook page instead of a profile, create a fake Facebook account in order to create your page. That way, your page is never associated to your real identity. There is a risk going this route, as if the fake account gets banned, the page will be inaccessible. You can always create multiple accounts and grant admin access. There is a chance all get banned though. But isn’t that the way it is when marketing adult over Facebook to begin with? If you do create through your main account, it won’t get banned for being a fake account, but having your real identity associated does poise a privacy risk.


Use Fake Data (Or Don’t Specify)

Of course you’re going to create the accounts and pages under your performer name, but Facebook asks for a lot of information. Make sure to not use anything associated to your non-adult persona, and nothing that you use in real life. Either leave it blank or use something fictitious or completely dedicated to your adult persona.


Optimizing Facebook Privacy Settings

If you’re using a personal account (opposed to a page), it’s a smart idea to go into the privacy settings and making sure everything is optimized for privacy. For example; it’s probably a good idea to opt-out of photo tagging and facial recognition on both your personal account, as well as your camming account. Wouldn’t want Facebook trying to get someone to tag a photo with your real name. Hell, you don’t want to indicate to Facebook that you want anything to do with facial recognition. There’s also some settings dealing with friend requests, how people can find you and whether or not people can see the friends list, which you will want to review.



Facebook Doesn’t Allow For Adult Content

Facebook doesn’t allow for adult content. That can make marketing through Facebook somewhat difficult, but definitely not impossible. You just have to be creative about how you go about it. This means not linking to explicit content and being careful about how risque the content you post is. Not being able to post links makes it difficult to get traffic off of Facebook, but there’s workarounds for that, too. All explained below.


The Advantage Of Running A SFW Website

There are many advantages of running a SFW and NSFW website. The main advantage is that your SFW website can be linked-to from SFW social media networks with minimal concern. Your NSFW site? Not so much. Search engines might also treat your SFW website better, as it’s not technically adult content. To whereas your NSFW version will always be ranked lower due to the fact that it contains adult content. If you are running a completely SFW website, Facebook marketing is going to be a whole lot easier, as you can link freely.

Learn More: Building A Webcam Model Website


Watermarks Are Your Best Friend

You don’t need to be able to link to drive traffic. Watermarks are incredibly effective for letting people know where to find more of your content. If you’re running your own website (highly recommended), it’s advised that you watermark your content with your website link. If not, your camming or clip site profiles, Twitter @Handle or other web property links could work. Either way, let your Facebook followers know where they can find more of your content.


Be Careful Using NSFW Hashtags

Even if your content is technically compliant with Facebook’s TOS and Content Policy, you might still get your account banned or ghost-banned. This is a reality without using any hashtags at all. By using NSFW hashtags (especially a lot of them) this greatly increases the chances of this occurring. Many of the social media sites, especially the SFW ones, have a list of flagged hashtags.


Tell Them How To Find You In Text

“I’m going live on _______, my username is _______”, is a perfect example of how you can tell your Facebook following where to find you, without linking to explicit content and without posting explicit content. This is technically staying within Facebook’s terms and policies, although in adult, it’s never a guarantee that your account still won’t get banned.



Facebook Profiles Vs Pages

When marketing through Facebook, you’ve got the option between going with a profile or a page. There’s advantages and disadvantages to both. Here are some of the things to consider which route to go, and the pros and cons for both.


Pages Have A Harder Time Ranking

If you’re running a page, you’re going to have a harder time appearing in the feeds of the people that like your page. This is because pages have a ranking algorithm called “EdgeRank”. EdgeRank relies highly upon page interactions; people liking, sharing, commenting and interacting with your page in other ways. Because people are less likely to like or share that kind of content (unless you’re one of those Maxim-style “Babe” pages), it’s going to be harder to compete with everything else. Because personal profiles don’t have to worry about EdgeRank, they’ll naturally have a better chance of showing up in feeds.


Profiles Have Greater Privacy Concerns

Profiles have greater privacy risks. Profiles might be suggested as friends and appear in other people’s friend lists. Outside of that, it also presents a privacy concern for your fans and followers. They might not want your account appearing in their friends list, or they might not want to appear in your friends list. There are a lot of Facebook privacy settings that can be tweaked in order to mitigate a lot of these privacy concerns.


Pages Are Less High Maintenance

In a lot of ways, pages are a lot less high maintenance. For example; people can just like your page. There’s no managing friends requests and connections. Profiles, on the other hand, are meant to be more involved and intimate. Pages are meant for managing big followings as effectively as possible. If you go on vacation, you might return to a bunch of friends requests you need to go through. With a page, people can just hit the like button and you don’t have to worry about anything.


Pages Have Analytics

With Facebook pages, you get tons of data on everything. Know how many people viewed your page, get demographic and geographical information on your followers and viewers and so much more. With profiles, you get none of this. You can’t even see how many people viewed your stuff. The best metrics you have is number of friends and how many likes each piece of content gets.



Facebook Has Great Traffic, But Challenges

Facebook is a large site and has the potential to generate tons of traffic. There’s also a lot of challenges to marketing through Facebook. This ranges from the risk of getting banned, major privacy concerns and being more difficult to drive traffic. Following these tips will help keep you safe and make Facebook marketing as effective as possible.

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