ExtraLunchMoney Referral / Affiliate Program

Promoting The ExtraLunchMoney Referral Program

ExtraLunchMoney is a platform for selling adult content, sexting, and selling other adult services. ExtraLunchMoney features 100% amateur content (no studios allowed). Webmasters and affiliates can make money by promoting the ExtraLunchMoney referral program. Affiliates can make money from both customer and seller referrals. Here’s all the details.


Three Different Commission Types


20% Of The First Credit Purchase

Affiliates will earn 20% of the first credit purchase any new customer referral makes. The larger their first credit purchase, the greater the commissions. The customer doesn’t need to make the purchase right away. If they create an account within the cookie duration and make the purchase at a later date, the affiliate will still get credit for the conversion.


20% Of The Credits Earned From Sellers First Sale

Affiliates can also make money from model referrals. For every new ExtraLunchMoney seller that you refer, you’ll earn 20% of their first sale. If a seller creates an account during the cookie duration, but doesn’t immediately make a sale, the affiliate will still get the commission whenever that first sale is made.


10 Credits For First 5 Verified Members

For the first five users that become verified, you’ll earn 10 credits. There is no credit purchase required for this, but the affiliate will only receive credits for the first five signups. The affiliate will only be compensated for credit purchases after the initial first five verified members.


Deep-Linking – Link To Any ExtraLunchMoney Page

ExtraLunchMoney supports deep-linking to any of their pages. This allows affiliates to link to different pages on a site and still get credit for the referral. This might be a specific profile page, clip, store item or other link. Creating a deep-link is easy. Simply copy/paste the ‘?ref_user=[USERNAME]’ to the end of the URL you want to link to, and any sales that generate from that link will result in a commission.


Payments Are Made Via Paxum or Dwolla

Payments are made out via Paxum or Dwolla. It’s important for American affiliates to know that Paxum recently dropped all US personal accounts. It is still possible to create a Paxum business account though.


Start Promoting ExtraLunchMoney Today!

Ready to start promoting ExtraLunchMoney? signup today! The signup process is easy and you can start promoting ExtraLunchMoney right away. Get paid from both customer and seller referrals (same links work for both) and use the deep-linking feature to link to any page on the site that you want to.


More Information On ExtraLunchMoney

Interested in learning more about ExtraLunchMoney? You can learn all about the network by checking out the link below. ExtraLunchMoney is a site that enables adult performers to offer a wide range of services. ExtraLunchMoney is primarily a clip site. But in additional to selling content, performers can make money from texting and create their own custom store items that can be used to sell just about anything.

Learn More: Getting Started On ExtraLunchMoney


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Interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. We’ve got a guide that goes over everything you need to know. Camming affiliate marketing is unique from other verticals. There’s some amazing tools available, such as whitelabeled site builders and if done right, the conversions and revenue can be very lucrative.

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