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Tips For Executrix Fetish Models

Executrix is a fetish in which ​a person fantasizes about being executed. It is perhaps obvious, yet still very important to note that the executrix fetish is a fantasy only. Obviously, no one, Domme or not, should ever actually attempt to end someone’s life.


The Domme “Ends” The Subs Life

The executrix fetish is often used in a Domme/sub scenario in which the Domme “ends” the subs life. How, exactly, the Domme “ends” the sub’s life is usually best done creatively and collaboratively between the Domme and the sub.

However, some subs already have a set fantasy in mind in which he’d like to explore with his Domme. In this case, the Domme may agree to explore that set fantasy scenario with the sub.


Executrix Is Usually Clips Only

Typically, the executrix fetish is performed in clips only. This makes sense, as, typically, a great deal of thought and planning go into this fetish. Point-of-view is typically quite important for this fetish, which also may take some planning to determine the most accurate one. As well, the fantasy may also include a set prop, such as a plastic bag, which may not be readily available in an live cam environment.


Nobody Has Requested An Executrix Cam Show

As such, in My experience, I have yet to encounter this request on cam, though I’m sure it is possible someone may want to experience this live on cam.


Creativity Is Key – No Right or Wrong Way TO Do Things

As with most fetishes, creativity can truly come to life here. There is no right or wrong way to do perform this fetish, as long as the end result is (the fantasy) of ending the sub’s life.


Some examples of the executrix fetish include:

  • Injecting a “poison” serum into the sub
  • “Suffocating” a sub with a plastic bag over their head
  • “Choking out” the sub with your hands

Of course, this list is not all-inclusive but are just some ideas to get the wheels of one’s mind to turn in that direction. Typically, the sub or person requesting this fetish has many ideas in mind.


Have Fun With This New Fetish!

At the end of the day, what’s most important is to have fun and be creative with this very interesting fetish.


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