Erotifix: Sell Clips, Tangibles, Social Subscriptions and More!


Getting Started On Erotifix

Erotifix is a high-percentage platform that enables models to make money offering a wide range of products and services. Once registered, models can configure which products and services they want to offer. All the offered services will appear on the model profile page. Customers are able to make purchases by simply checking what they want and checking out on the exact same page, making everything real quick and easy. Here’s all the information on Erotifix.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Clips, Skype, Social, Tangibles, Tribute
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 85%
  • Min Payout: No Min On ACH
  • Cashout Options: Check, ACH, Paxum
  • Payout Frequency: Weekly
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • Regional Blocking: No
  • Affiliate Program: Model Referral
  • Studio Accounts: Supported


What’s Required to Get Started

The only major requirement to get started is that you must be eighteen years old or older. You’ll have to provide a digital copy of photo ID when registering for the site. All genders are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money performing on the site. If you’re offering services like selling clips, you’ll need the content to sell or everything to produce the content. If you’re offering tangibles like panties, you’ll need the actual tangibles to sell.


How Much Erotifix Models Make

Erotifix models earn 85% of all sales made. Please note: There’s also a $5 charge per transaction, but the customer ends up paying that $5 fee. All chargebacks are covered, although if there’s a trend of chargebacks associated to a specific account, it will be investigated.


Cashouts: Payout Options and Schedule

Erotifix pays out models on a weekly basis. The pay period lasts from Sunday-Saturday. There’s no minimums for ACH payouts. The cashout methods are:

  • Check
  • Mailed Check
  • Paxum

If you’re on Erotifix through Boleyn Models, you can indicate the studio as a payout option as well.


Make Money Offering These Services

Here’s all the ways to earn on Erotifix


Selling Skype Sessions

Erotifix models can sell Skype sessions on the platform. Under Products, there’s two options: Skype and Skype Add-Ons. You can add different Skype packages / options by creating different products under Skype. For example; one product for 20 minutes, another for 30 minutes, ect. The add-ons are pretty self-explanatory. It could be anything from a recording of the show to different fetishes and show types.


Selling Clothing / Tangibles

Erotifix also supports the sale of tangible items. This can be anything: panties, bras, socks, shoes, ect. To add a new item for sale, simply go to Products in the dashboard and choose Clothing from the drop-down menu. Enter the type of apparel  and select the price. You can enter multiple clothing items (for example, if you want to sell both socks and bras) by making a product for each of them.


Premium Social Media Subscriptions

Erotifix supports premium social media subscriptions. When enabling premium social media subscriptions, models are able to choose to enable / disable any of the following tiers:

  • 7 Day
  • 30 Day
  • 6 Month
  • Lifetime

Simply check the box next to the tiers you want to offer and enter the price for each. When purchasing a social media subscription, the customers will be promoted to add their social media usernames. Models will receive notifications with the user so they can add them to their followings.

It’s also important to note that Erotifix supports reoccurring subscriptions / rebills. not every network offering social media subscrptions support reoccurring subscriptions. subscriptions are a great feature, as otherwise, models are required to keep track of everything manually.


Social Media Follows / Unblocks

Erotifix has a category for Social Media. This can be used for a number of things. Offering unblock fees on various networks? You can indicate that under the social media category. Selling follows or social media mentions? You can add that under social media as well. To add a social media service, just select social media from the drop-down, enter the description of the service and set the price.


Selling Videos and Photo Sets

Erotifix supports both photo and video content. Once registered, under Products is a drop-down menu for both videos as well as photo sets. Select either video or photo, name the product and set the price.

Please Note: Erotifix does not provide content delivery. Any videos sold must be transferred using 3rd party services and receipt of delivery must be kept.


Custom Content Requests

Erotifix supports custom content requests. This is something that must first be enabled from the dashboard. Once enabled, there’s several settings that can be configured:

Erotifix Custom Content Requests

Once enabled, models are able to set their base price per minute, indicate min and max durations and select the various fetishes they’re willing to cater to. It’s possible to put additional markups on the custom content requests, based on the various fetishes the customer is requesting.


Selling Merchandise

Got merchandise? Erotifix has a category for that, too! Whether it’s clothing and apparel, cups, mugs, lighters, key chains or something else, you can sell it on the site! Simply select Merchandise from the drop-down menu, indicate what type of merchandise you’re selling and set the price!


Erotifix Model Referral Program

Models can also earn extra money through Erotifix’s referral program. Anytime a model lists another model that has an account with them, they will give the referring model 1% of the new model’s sales.


Producer / Studio Accounts

Erotifix does support studio or producer accounts. These accounts behave differently than the “standard” studio account. It’s just one account and it’s not a studio setup where the studio can register individual models under them. If studios want to leverage Erotifix, they’ll have to manually keep track of sales and earnings, and divvy it up between studio models accordingly.


Signup For Erotifix Today!

Ready to get started on Erotifix? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy, and you can be earning in no time! Erotifix enables models to make money offering a wide range of products and services, and offers a high 85% on all purchases. Make money from Skype shows, social subscriptions, selling tangible items, clips, photo galleries and so much more. Plus gain exposure through their model directory page. Signup today!

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