ePayments Phishing Scam: Malicious Paid Search Campaigns


Phishers Advertising Scam ePayments Domains

ePayments, an adult-friendly e-wallet used by a good number of camming sites, has announced that they’re being targeted as part of a phishing scam. The scammers are using Google paid search campaigns and cybersquatting domains to scam ePayments users into providing them with their login credentials. The phishing scam was announced in an email sent out by ePayments.


Email Sent Out by Epayments

Dear ePayments customer,

The ePayments name and website design are being fraudulently used by criminals in a phishing scam.

epayménts.com and epayments-wallet.com both appear at the top of Google search results as sponsored advertising links.

Users clicking on these links will then be taken to an environment that looks very similar to the ePayments login page, where login details are subsequently captured and the security of accounts compromised.

ePayments is working closely with Google as well as number of other parties to shut down these websites and remove them from search results.

To ensure the safety of our customers we ask that all customers:

  1. Go directly to ePayments using the genuine url www.epayments.com or www.my.epayments.com.
  2. Please make sure you locate the certificate of Electronic Payments Association in the address bar – this will ensure you are browsing on the right website.
  3. Read any link to ePayments carefully to ensure it is consistent with the genuine site.
  4. Hover your mouse over links without clicking to see if the address is truly from epayments.com.
  5. We highly recommend you enable 2-factor Authentication for your ePayments account to minimize the threat of account phishing or password theft.
  6. Consider changing your ePayments password to a new and strong one.
  7. Run anti-virus software updates frequently and do a full system scan.
  8. Keep a close eye on your statements for any unexpected or unexplained transactions.

If you believe you have been the victim of any phishing attempt, or you suspect you identified a phishing scam, please take the following steps:

  1. Send a screenshot of any illegitimate sites and/or search results to support@epayments.com.
  2. If you believe you may have used an illegitimate site then visit www.epayments.com or my.epayments.com and change your login credentials immediately and then inform ePayments of your concern by contacting support@epayments.com.
  3. Run anti-virus software updates frequently and do a full system scan.
  4. Keep a close eye on your statements for any unexpected or unexplained transactions.


More Information On ePayments

ePayments is an adult-friendly e-wallet that is used by many companies for payouts to models, affiliates and studios. Sorry for any American models and affiliates, as it is not available in the USA. If you’re interested in seeing the networks that support ePayments for payouts, you can do so by checking out our ePayments directory, linked-to below.

Learn More: Camming / Clip Sites Supporting ePayment Cashouts

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