Email Marketing For Pornstars / Webcam Models


Email Marketing For Adult Performers

Email marketing can be a great way to promote adult services. Email is affordable and the email marketing platforms are easy to use. The only drawback is that very few of them are adult friendly. Adult content also sees more inbox filtering and spam complaints than mainstream does. So there are some challenges to email marketing for adult. Here’s information on email for models, and a list of adult friendly email marketing platforms.


Adult-Friendly “Email Marketing Service Providers” (ESPs)

You’re going to want to make sure that you are using an adult-friendly email marketing service. Most email marketing platforms won’t work with adult. It doesn’t even matter if you’re sending non-explicit material, if your content and sites are adult-oriented, they won’t want to work with you. When evaluating email marketing platforms, definitely be sure to check out their terms and content policy.

Even if they don’t explicitly name adult as prohibited content, that doesn’t mean they allow it. Unless the platform specifically says “We’re adult friendly” somewhere, it’s definitely worth reaching out to sales to make sure. You wouldn’t want your account suspended and your recipients and templates lost, all for lack of due dilligence.


List of Adult-Friendly Email Platforms:

The list is small, as most companies don’t work with adult. We’ll add to it as we find more. Here’s a list of email marketing solutions that work with adult content.

YNOT Mail – YNOT Mail is specifically built for the adult industry. Therefore, they’ll always be adult-friendly. It’s a smaller company, so if nobody is available sometimes support will not be as expedient. But you will never have to worry about the company updating their terms and giving you the boot.

Campaigner – They are adult-friendly, but from personal experience we can tell you that they’re skeptical of adult senders. If you’re going with Campaigner, be sure to reach out to sales and be ready to tell them where the email addresses come from and exactly what type of content you’re planning on sending.

AdultMemberSites – AdultMemberSites is a platform for building indie model websites, or running a storefront. AdultMemberSites is free to get started with and everything is easy to use, even without having any technical experience. AMS will automatically send emails to members on behalf of the models. These email templates can be easily managed and modified from within the admin area of the platform.


How To Collect Email Addresses

There are multiple ways to collect email addresses, and what’s available will vary from platform to platform. Every email marketing platform will allow you to generate an embed code. You can take this code and paste it into a website or blog. This will make an email signup form appear wherever the embed code is pasted. Whenever someone signs up for the email newsletters, they’ll be added to a list. Lists are managed within the email marketing platform itself.

Some email marketing platforms will offer other ways to collect email addresses. It might be through a standard text link, QR Code, social media integration or through other methods. Most platforms also support importing of contacts, although the company might ask you questions about the email addresses before allowing you to upload. This is to make sure that the email addresses were collected in a legitimate and legal way and won’t result in increased spam complaints. Increased spam complaints hurt the email deliverability of everyone using that IP address, so email marketing platforms take the importing of content real seriously.



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