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Why Tumblr Isn’t An Acceptable Substitute For A Website

It still shocks me how many camming models don’t have websites. All these models are loosing out on valuable search engine rankings and missing out on great opportunities on gaining new traffic. I’ve even seen models talking in the forums about how “Websites don’t really matter, just use Tumblr instead”. That’s not true and as far as I’m concerned every model needs a website. Here’s why Tumblr doesn’t work as a model website and why you need to be investing in web development (don’t worry, it’s insanely affordable!).


Tumblr Isn’t As Search Engine Friendly As A Website

Tumblr is fairly search engine friendly, but it’s not nearly as good for SEO as running your own website. For one, Tumblr is on a subdomain instead of the root domain. Google also knows that Tumblr blogs are free. Google isn’t the biggest fan of subdomain websites (Especially from networks it knows is free) as anyone can startup a blog. Websites at least require some type of investment. Therefore, they get more credibility be search engines by default.

Tumblr also doesn’t give you as much control over the site content and functionality. It’s fairly customizable with the theme editor and all, but there’s not as much freedom as you’d have with your own website. The more you can customize the layout and content, the better you can shift PageRank (important for SEO) around your site.

Also, Tumblr doesn’t allow you to auto-generate sitemaps. Auto-generating sitemaps is a great method of pinging search engines and letting them know when you’ve added more content.


Tumblr Might Ban You

Tumblr has a track record for banning NSFW blogs. Most the blogs they ban are money-making autoblogs, but there’s been horror stories about Tumblr banning NSFW blogs that are completely compliant with their TOS and content policy. It’s just one of those things that happens.


Tumblr Once Considered Blocking NSFW Content

There was a time (right after Yahoo bought the company) that Tumblr was going to block all the NSFW content from search engines and internal search. The only way people would be able to view your content is if they followed you directly or went to your subdomain website address.

There was a bunch of backlash from the NSFW Tumblr community, so they ended up not going through with it, but who’s to say it’s not something they consider in the future?


Websites Can Contain More Functionality Than Tumblr

It’s pretty sweet that you can add your own custom HTML to the description area, or custom javascript in the header, but even with this level of configuration, it’s still not as functional as a website can be. When you’re running your own website, you have control over all the functionality. If it’s possible to do it with code and it’s compliant with your web host’s TOS, you can do it. What’s best of all is that a lot of this functionality can be added simply by installing a 3rd party plugin or entering a snippet of code.


Websites Have A Better “Trust Factor”

People are aware that Tumblr is a free blogging platform that anyone can signup for. Because of this, many camming models have Tumblr blogs, but only the more established models seem to have websites. By running your own website, you seem like a better established and more successful model. This could be very important if your offering services outside of a camming network, such as freelance private Skype shows or selling panties. If someone’s going to click a “Buy Now” button, there’s got to be a certain level of trust. A well built website is much more trustworthy than a free Tumblr blog.


Running a Fanclub Through Your Website

You can’t run a fanclub through your Tumblr blog. You can promote it via Tumblr, but that’s about it. It’s very possible to setup and run a membership section on a website, however. In fact, you can get a membership site built free using ModelCentro. It’s a free website builder for members of the adult industry. The visual editor makes it easy to use and ModelCentro handles all the hosting and payment processing. They’re able to offer it 100% and only charge a small percentage whenever a fanclub member is billed. You can host it on a free ModelCentro subdomain, or use your own website name if you purchase one. (recommended, looks more professional and is better for SEO)

Setting up a fanclub manually is a little bit more complex, but definitely 100% doable.


WordPressBuild Your Own Website Now!

Ready to start building your own site? We’ve written a guide to get you started with your very first WordPress site. WordPress is a “Content Management System” (CMS). CMS makes it easy to add and modify content without any software or knowing any code. It’s got a very easy to use visual editor that’s similar to using a word processor. Check out the camming model’s guide to web development and get started now!

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