DMCA512: World-Class DMCA Protection For The Adult Industry


DMCA512: DMCA Services For Performers, Studios and Paysites

DMCA512 is a DMCA service that can help assist adult brands and performers with getting pirated content removed from the internet. Pirated content Is a major issue in the adult industry. When content can be pirated for free, where’s the incentive to pay? Pirated content is an even bigger issue for indie performers, as they run the risk of getting doxxed due to the contact information that needs to be included in DMCA complaints! Platforms like DMCA512 can solve all those issues and remove stolen content from the internet. Here’s the details.


Facial Recognition Software Helps Find Content

DMCA512 uses a proprietary facial recognition software (which can double as “pussy recognition software”) to go beyond keywords to detect stolen content. As we all know, stolen content doesn’t always appear with the performers name attached. If so, the name will often be distorted somehow, in order to prevent people from finding their stolen content.


DMCA512 Leverages Crawlers And Manual Monitoring

It would be impossible for a team of people to manually review the entire internet. That being said; there are some instances (and sensitive places) where manual review is very important and helpful. DMCA512 employs both technology and manpower.


Supports 55 Different Languages

Pirated content isn’t always in English. In-fact; often times it’s not. DMCA512 supports 55 different languages. This helps find your stolen content on English sites, as well as foreign pirate sites.


Find Stolen / Shared Passwords

Piracy doesn’t always come in the form of content theft. Selling or providing passwords is a form of piracy, even if the content isn’t actually featured on the site. Keep in mind, a lot of affiliates use “fake passwords” as a marketing scheme. *BUT* there are tons of legit passwords shared without the consent of the pay site, and this cuts into profit margins! DMCA512 helps find and takedown content containing site passwords.


Pricing: $800 Annually With Bulk Discounts

DMCA512 prices out their services at $800 annually. If you are running multiple sites, there are bulk pricing options available. Contact DMCA512 for details. If you are a camming model, we’ve got a special arrangement with DMCA512 that can save you money. Details are below.


Camming Models: Save On DMCA512 With Webcam Startup

Webcam Startup has an exclusive deal with DMCA512 that allows indie adult performers to save on the service. We’ll even sweeten the deal. In addition to cc’ing you into an email with DMCA512 and saving some money, we’ll also do our own search engine audit and give you advice on how to beat the pirates in the search engine results……Although with DMCA512, those results should be dropping out of the results without our consultation.

To take us up on the offer, simply shoot us an email.



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