Camming / Clip Sites That Offer DMCA Services For Models

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Directory Of Sites That Provide DMCA Takedown Services

If you’re a model in the adult industry, you know how big on an issue piracy is. DMCA is the first weapon in the anti-piracy arsenal. But there’s a lot of reasons why you don’t want to submit DMCA takedown requests yourself. Primarily because your name will be on the takedown request, and that request is archived as well as submitted to the infringing webmaster. Bad for privacy. Luckily, many of the camming, clip and other networks offer DMCA services. Here’s a directory of the ones that do.

DMCA Takedown Information For Adult Performers


How To Read This Directory

The directory is pretty straight forward. Here’s the key for interpreting the columns:

  • Network: This is the network. Clicking the link will take you to the network.
  • DMCA: The network will submit DMCA takedown notices to the infringing webmaster.
  • Google: The network will submit notices to take search results to pirated content off Google.
  • Web Hosts: The network will submit DMCA notices to the companies hosting pirate sites
  • More Info: This link takes you to a comprehensive overview of each network.


Camming Sites Offer DMCA Services

Please Note: This is a new project and we’re still waiting for many sites to follow-up on whether they offer DMCA services, and to what extent!

Network DMCA Google Web Host More Info
BongaCams Yes Yes Yes BongaCams
CamWithHer Yes ? ? CamWithHer
Chaturbate Yes ? ? Chaturbate
MyFreeCams Yes ? ? MyFreeCams
Vuier Yes No No Vuier


Clip Sites That Offer DMCA Services

Please Note: This is a new project and we’re still waiting for many sites to follow-up on whether they offer DMCA services, and to what extent!

Network DMCA Google Web Host More Info
iWantClips Yes Yes Yes iWantClips
ManyVids Yes Yes Yes ManyVids
Clips4Sale Yes Yes Yes Clips4Sale


Why The Camming Sites Should Submit DMCA Notices

There’s a lot of reasons why the network should be submitting the DMCA takedown notices instead of the model. The most important reason is the privacy aspect. When an independent performer submits the DMCA takedown request, that performer must be contact information on the form. This information could be used against the performer. When the network submits the takedown request, it’s the contact information of the company, removing any privacy concerns.


Submitting DMCA Takedowns To Multiple Parties

Whenever anyone thinks DMCA, they usually think of sending requests to the infringing website. Although this is always the first route you should take, it’s definitely not the only option on the table. In-fact, there’s tons of different parties that DMCA notices can be submitted to. Many times the pirate site will be hosted in a country that doesn’t honor US intellectual property laws. When this happens, submitting notices to search engines, web hosts and registrars might be the most effective way to get stolen content removed. That is why we indicate web hosts and Google in this directory.


Here Are Some Places You Can Submit DMCA Complaints:

Submitting DMCA Complaints To Google – Google is headquartered out of California. Therefore, Google must comply with DMCA and other western intellectual property laws. Getting pirated content removed from search results (including video and image) is insanely easy.

Submitting DMCA Complaints To Web Hosts – Submitting a DMCA complaint to the web host has the potential to get an entire pirate site removed from the internet. This has the same challenges as traditional takedown notices, however. There are some hosting companies located overseas. Many of these web hosts don’t honor DMCA and other western intellectual property laws.

Getting Videos Removed From Pornhub – Pornhub is so big, they’re worth naming by themselves. All these tactics also apply to other tube sites as well. Tube sites might be the largest enablers of piracy, but luckily it’s easy to get content removed from them. If you use tube sites right, they can also be profitable. The linked-to post goes over that a little bit as well.

Reporting Pirates To Affiliate / Traffic Companies – Pirates aren’t stealing and posting content as a “community service”. They’re doing it to make money. Pirates usually monetize their content through affiliate programs or publisher ad networks. None of these networks allow for illegal activities, meaning all the pirates are non-compliant. Getting them booted from a program greatly hinders the profitability of the pirate business-model as a whole.


More Information On DMCA For Webcam Models

DMCA and intellectual property laws is a complicated matter. There’s a lot of information out there, and a lot you should know about the process. There’s also some major privacy risks and performers have gotten doxed through the DMCA process before. We’ve written a comprehensive resource that goes over everything you need to know about DMCA and submitting takedown notices.

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More Information On Fighting Piracy

Piracy is a huge issue, and there’s a lot to go over. A lot of people only think of DMCA when it comes to combating piracy. Truth is, adult stars have even more ammunition than DMCA alone. There’s other ways to combat piracy, or at least mitigate the impact piracy has on the bottom-line. We’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to fight piracy that goes over a large number of things in great detail. There’s also links to additional in-depth information on specific topics mentioned in the guide.

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