Protect Your Brand with Beta Launch of BranditScan

Your brand shouldn’t take financial losses because of pirates and BranditScan is here to help prevent piracy

Your brand is important to you and you have spent time building it up and producing unique and exciting content to generate income, so why should pirates be able to profit from your brand and steal income from you as the creator? They shouldn’t! BranditScan to the rescue. BranditScan is a new DMCA website that makes DMCA takedowns and brand management so much easier.

What features can you find on BranditScan?

BranditScan has a lot of features that are beneficial to your brand, tracking and taking down piracy, and making DMCA takedown requests a breeze.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard – BranditScan has a comprehensive dashboard that gives you a ton of information. You can see how many names they’ve searched on your behalf, the number of brand infringements, an estimated income loss due to brand infringement, and accumulated views of the infringed upon content. You can also see your active, pending, removed/delisted, and unresponsive link stats.
  • BranditDMCA (Premium Only Feature)– Say goodbye to sending individual emails or reporting videos one by one, BranditScan allows you to send a mass DMCA removal request to sites in bulk. Simply use their DMCA button and select where the original content can be found and the infringed upon user, you even get the option to request it be delisted by Google which greatly reduces traffic and views to pirated content!
  • Ruby – Ruby is the intelligent system built in to BranditScan that browses the web daily for infringements upon your brand. Go to the Ruby tab to submit infringements, view the recent search queries scanned by Ruby, and export search query scan results!
  • BranditIQ – BranditScan isn’t just great for DMCA and fighting piracy, it also allows you to get insights into your brand! Use BranditIQ to see what your aliases display as on Google. When you use your personal computer to check in on your search results, they can be skewed to show you what Google thinks you want to see. Using BranditIQ will show you what will most likely show up for a majority of people who search your alias online.
  • BranditDB – BranditDB lets you learn more about the pirate sites that infringe upon your content. You can see how much money you’ve lost to a site in particular (estimated) and how many accumulative views your content has on the specific site. It also lists their DMCA removal email!
  • Whitelist – Use the whitelist to register with Ruby what usernames you are registered as on a site, so the system doesn’t flag it. Since you send in the DMCA removal requests yourself, you don’t have to panic if you forget about this feature. But it does filter out false positives and help streamline the DMCA process!
  • BranditTalk – The public forum for BranditScan where you can start threads communicating with other users of BranditScan and the admins!

How much does BranditScan cost?

BranditScan appears to be one of the most cost efficient platforms in adult DMCA right now, with their rates being highly competitive and very affordable. If you are someone who specializes in clip or cam content and want to help eliminate piracy of your content and brand, these prices can’t be beat.

  • Pro Plan – $25 a month OR $250 annually
    Take advantage of the scanning feature but submit the DMCA notices yourself, DMCA contact information for infringing sites still available under BranditIQ. (BranditDMCA not available for Pro Users)
  • Premium Plan – $45 a month OR 450 annually
    Unlock all of BranditScans features and bulk submit DMCA notices to infringing websites

If the price is intimidating, simply get one of your fans to become your Guardian Angel and purchase it for you as a gift using the gift link that can be found under plan options! You will additionally be granted any referral money from what the member who gifts it to you spends on other purchases.

What else should I know about BranditScan?

BranditScan is one of (if not THE) cheapest DMCA options currently available, in addition to that they are currently in an open beta and accepting feedback from users who sign up. They have an affiliate program which also makes them a great partner for webmasters who promote affiliates programs or models who are looking to recommend a DMCA service to fellow performers.

They are also founded by someone you can know and trust, Gino the founder of BranditScan is a co-founder and former CTO of popular clip site ManyVids! (Although this is an independent project by Gino and separate from ManyVids, he has earned your trust before!)

Sign up for BranditScan and take your brand back today!

Ready to get started protecting and growing your brand? Signup for BranditScan today! Not quite ready for that commitment? View more options in our DMCA guide: Camgirl DMCA: Getting Stolen Shows / Clips Removed From Sites and Adult Models: How To Fight Piracy and Stolen Content

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