Is Discord Adult-Friendly? (Conflicting Information!)


Discord: Is It Adult / Pornstar Friendly?

There’s been a lot of heated debate on whether or not Discord is adult-friendly or not. It’s been alleged that their TOS didn’t contain anything prohibiting the content prior to SESTA, but there’s now language that clearly states that porn (and even “sexual”) content is not allowed on the platform. They do have a NSFW tag, but their content on that tag states that there’s certain prohibited content that isn’t allowed on NSFW channels, and porn is clearly named in those documents. There’s also been some conflicting information that’s been shared by Discord over Twitter that has a lot of people wondering whether or not they can use the service. Here’s the details.


Adult / Porn Described In Discord TOS

Let’s take a look at what is actually written in the Discord TOS and other documents. First, this is directly from their TOS:

As an example, you agree not to use the Service in order to: post, upload, transmit or otherwise disseminate information that is obscene, indecent, vulgar, pornographic, sexual or otherwise objectionable as outlined in our Community Guidelines;

That reads fairly cut and dry. If you go by the TOS, you can’t even transmit anything sexual in nature. The fact that the platform supports NSFW content, in their NSFW tag section contains this language:

It’s worth mentioning that while having a dedicated place for your NSFW content is ok by Discord standards, but there’s still some material that isn’t appropriate anywhere in Discord. If you’re unsure of what qualifies as ok or not, check out our Terms of Service, or email us at!

The TOS referenced in their NSFW content is the document quoted above, stating that pornographic (and even sexual) content can not be transmitted via the platform.


Discord Provides Two Very Different Twitter Answers:

Performers have taken to Twitter to ask the company about their policies on adult. Here’s where the surprising thing is happening. Discord is giving some very conflicting answers on the topic. And by conflicting, we’re talking about 100% opposite answers. Here are two examples below:


Can We Trust What Brands Tweet Anymore?

It seems like more and more we’re seeing a conflict of response from companies on whether or not they cater to adult content and performers. It’s always from the mainstream-leaning companies that also cater to adult. We’ve seen similar deceptive language and responses with Patreon Lens, which first announced that they were adult friendly. Now we’re seeing mixed language from a wide number of companies, Post-SESTA.

Why these companies are giving contradicting answers is unknown, but it’s unprofessional to say the least. Especially since there’s a huge track-record of companies pulling bait-and-switch moves on the adult industry in the past.


Should Adult Performers Use Discord For Shows?

This is up to everyone to decide for themselves. Outside of the conflicting answers, there’s also the consideration of whether or not you’ll get caught. There’s a lot of people that are pushing the limits of what’s allowed on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Skype every day. Plenty of performers have stated that they’re just going to continue using Skype until they finally get reported or Microsoft cracks down. If you do use Discord, just know that there’s evidence that supports the fact that adult isn’t allowed, including some very cut-and-dry language in their TOS. There’s a very good chance it could result in a banned account.

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