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Decorating Your Camming Room / Camming Area

Advice for those who have a solo site or do videos for clip stores and such. I am Samantha38g, I’ve had a solo site for well over a decade and I know what it takes to be a success in that market. Having your camming area setup properly is key. Here are some tips for decorating your bedroom or cam room.


How to keep it fresh

One of the major pitfalls is the ‘same girl, same room‘, and the only thing that changes is the outfit and it just gets stale. Stale for you and for the customer. So you buy a new comforter, then the closet gets pretty full with comforters.

Yes, you can rent a hotel room, film outside and such, but majority of stuff you create will be in your bedroom. Painting the walls can be a chore and if you live in a rental, not such a good idea.


Look For Decorat Inspiration

Think of this from an editorial point of view. As in; when you look at fashion shoots and magazines. Look through fashion magazine & Pinterest for ideas. Whatever you see in them can be done way cheaper than you can ever imagine. I always limit my budget to under $100 when redecorating.


Colors and Color Schemes To Choose From

You want to be the focus, the star so try to create an area that will do it. A good neutral such as white, grey, cream is great. Then add in accent colors with bedding, couch covers or pillows. Pillows can get expensive and I had a whole closet full of them before I discovered pillow covers on Amazon. You can buy them in all kinds of colors, textures, prints, styles & seasonal holidays. So instead of paying $15 to $100 per pillow you are spending $3 to $10 on the covers, and saving some space.


Pick Colors That Compliment Your Skin Tone

When decorating, keep in mind what colors look best for your skin tone. Dark painted walls can just suck the light out of the room. I know this from a wedding I attended many years ago in a lodge. The photographer was upset and redoing the lights over and over again.  Light colors might also present challenges, too. Pure white can be a problem with Harsh shadows or double shadows.


Curtains and (Removable) Peel and Stick Wallpaper

You can put up a curtain rod and hang different curtains to change it up. Remember to purchase curtains that are 96 inches long. Since I have 100 inch window, found that most stores only carry 86 inch curtains. If you can find anything longer, it will get expensive. Best place with the most styles and material for an affordable price is once again, Amazon. There is also wall stickers and wallpaper. The wallpaper is peel and stick to put up and peels off without damaging the walls. I find that just amazing. It is all on Amazon.


Adding Backdrops To Your Room

Then there is photography backdrops which there are many great ones on Amazon ranging from $30 to $300. You can go with a glittery one or a themed one for the holidays and such. I have tall wall so I buy the 10 x 10 and just put them up with thumb tacks. Which is awesome for camming.

Then there is green or blue screen and you can learn how to edit whatever you want into the background. Literally, the sky is the limit here. You can even change the backdrop of your room to outerspace!

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