Dark Cloud: Clips, Camming and Model Websites

Dark Cloud

Getting Started As A Dark Cloud Model

Dark Cloud is a clip site, camming site and they also offer personal websites for indie models. Although Dark Cloud is primarily fetish and BDSM-leaning, the network supports vanilla performers as well and features a wide range of models and content. Here is all the information about the Dark Cloud network and all the solutions they’ve got available for pornstars.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Clips, Camming, Websites
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Model Percentage: 63%
  • Payout Schedule: Weekly
  • Affiliate Program: No
  • Studio Accounts: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only major requirement to get started is you must be 18 or older. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome, and anyone over the age of 18 can make money as a Dark Cloud model. There’s also equipment requirements that will vary based on the services you want to offer on the platform.


How Much Dark Cloud Models Get Paid

Dark Cloud offers a 70/30 split, after the 10% payment processing fee, which effectively brings the model percentage to 63%


Payments: Cashout Options, Min Payouts and Schedule

Cashouts are made weekly.


Make Money Offering These Services


Upload and Sell Clips

Models can make money from uploading and selling videos on Dark Cloud. Each studio gets a dedicated page within the storefront. Specify up to 3 content categories for your listings. Models/studios can sell individual clips, as well as bundles that can contain various video and image files.


Live Camming

Dark Cloud also supports live camming and has a network of themed camming sites on their platform. Dark Cloud webcam models get featured on Dark Cloud, as well as the network of sites. The camming also has built-in games that members can play with models. If you’re using the Dark Cloud CMS (see below) it’s possible to cam on your own website as well as Dark Cloud.


Websites For Models

Dark Cloud also offers websites for models and studios. The websites are 100% responsive (mobile optimized) and contain a wide range of features. Make money from charging membership subsriptions, selling individual pieces of content and live camming. All content uploaded for sale on the personal website is also available for sale on Dark Cloud, increasing the exposure.


Signup For Dark Cloud Today!

Ready to get started with Dark Cloud? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time. Choose whether to simply upload clips for sale on the platform, or run an entire website with a members area, clip store, live camming and more! Dark Cloud provides the tools needed to make money from offering a wide range of features. Dark Cloud supports both indie models as well as producers and studios. Get started today!

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