Customs4U Alternatives For Webcam Modes and Clip Sellers


Customs4U Alternatives: Sites Like Customs4U

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re fed up with Customs4U. The site went through a change of ownership, and now it’s not really even being supported. Looking at the site now, there’s broken images everywhere and it’s not even allowing models and studios to select a payout option (used to only be Payoneer, showing how unsupported) the platform really is. There’s a very good chance you will never even see your payouts.


Why You Should Avoid Customs4U

There are tons of reasons you should completely avoid Customs4U. If the reasons listed in the opening paragraph aren’t enough, we’ll go over all of them in great detail, plus some additional reasons. Really, there is no reason why you should be joining the network.


Broken Images (Abandoned Site)

If you scroll through their FAQ pages and other pages on the site, you’ll notice that most the images are now broken. This is an indicator that the site isn’t being supported at all anymore. It might still operate as a legacy project, but that’s about it. If the images are broken, it’s safe to assume that other (more mission-critical) elements of the site might be broken and unsupported as well.



Previously, the only payout option was Payoneer. Although Payoneer still exists, the company created FirstChoice Pay a while ago, and migrated all their model payouts and camming/clip vendors over to that platform. When this occurred, Customs4U never switched over to FirstChoice Pay. At least not immediately, it took them quite a while. To make things even sketchier, at a later date, FirstChoice Pay went out of business.

Customs4U FirstChoice Pay

This means that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET PAID FROM CUSTOMS4U! Whether or not there’s legacy models getting paid through alternative means is unknown. But it’s safe to speculate that any new performers will not be paid, at least not unless they’re pulling in enough money on the platform for the legacy owners to make special arrangements.


Their (Still) Pinned Tweet Says They’re Having Issues

Don’t take our word for why you shouldn’t join Customs4U, take their own words from the tweet that’s still pinned to their Twitter profile:

According to their own company, the platform is still having issues from when the company changed ownership back in 2017. Seeing how the same tweet has been pinned this entire time, it’s fair to speculate that the issues being mentioned never got resolved. Since then, new issues have arisen as well. Including the fact that the only cashout option went out of business.


Is Customs4U Pocketing Money?

If it’s possible to still make an account and for transactions to occur, but their cashout method went out of business, where is that money going? Is Customs4U pocketing any revenue from sales occurring on the site? It may seem that Customs4U is still profiting from older, legacy content on the platform, as well as many new models who might signup. If that’s the truth, that is insanely shady.


Customs4U Alternatives


Clip Sites Offering Custom Content Requests

If you’re looking for clip sites supporting custom content requests, we’ve got them all in one place. Check out our piece of content on custom adult videos. It goes into how to price your custom content and displays a list of all sites that currently support custom content requests. There’s a lot of money to be made in custom adult videos. Especially since that content can be resold after the customs have been fulfilled.

Learn More: Sell Adult Custom Videos


More Clip Sites To Choose From

If you’re looking for more clip sites (whether or not custom content is supported) then check out our directory! It makes it really easy to compare all the different clip sites side-by-side. Our directory also includes a link to additional information on each network. You can either choose the clip site that best fits you and your content, or sell on multiple sites in order to reach a larger audience and get more sales.

Learn More: List of Adult Clip Sites


Better Adult Webcam Sites

Although Customs4U’s camming functionality was never a very important element of the site, they did offer it, so it’s worth bringing up the alternatives for webcam models. If you’re planning on camming, you should go with a network that’s established as far as camming goes. There are exceptions for models who are splitting (performing on multiple sites), in which case it can also be beneficial camming on smaller sites with less competition as well. either way, Customs4U should not be used as a camming site, and if you’re interested in alternatives, we’ve got a directory of sites below.

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