Cryptocurrency Info For Camgirls (Wallets, Spank, ect) by Roselynn Locks

Camming / Crypto 101 by Roselynn Locks

Roselynn Locks explains camming with cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, especially within the adult industry. There’s been multiple ICOs for adult-specific coins, and we’re seeing camming sites completely driven off cryptocurrency pop up.


Advantages of cryptocurrency

Zero Chargebacks: Due to the nature of cryptocurrency, there are zero chargebacks. Chargebacks are a major issue in the adult industry. There’s a lot of fraud in general, as well as the people who get caught by their girlfriend / wife and play it off like they don’t watch porn and those are fraudulent charges.

Instant Payouts: This will vary from site to site. Some networks have the same payout schedule for crypto as other payout options.

No Worries About Wallets Being Shut Down: If you’re using the right wallets. Remember, PayPal and other mainstream platforms don’t allow adult and high-risk verticals.

Also, there’s events such as the Choice Bank / FirstChoice Pay debacle. When FirstChoice Pay went under, all the performers and companies with money in their account lost their funds. Whether or not they’ll ever get them back is unknown.


Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency

Volatility: With how fast some of these coins rise and fall, you never know what the value will look like when you go to withdraw the funds.

Age Verification: When using cryptocurrency to accept payments, there is less safeguards in place for age verification, which is a major issue in the adult industry.


Cryptocurrency Camming Tips

Withdrawing Fast: If you’re concerned about the exchange rates and losing money due to fluctuating value, it’s suggested that you withdraw your funds as fast as possible.

Adult-Friendly Wallets: CoinBase is *NOT* adult-friendly! Make sure to use an adult-friendly wallet to prevent your account from getting banned and losing your funds!

Gemini is an adult-friendly wallet and exchange. It’s username and password-based, just like CoinBase is. If you’re using a wallet where you hold the private key, you don’t have to worry about whether or not it’s adult-friendly.

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