CrakRevenue Releases A New WordPress Plugin


CrakRevenue WordPress Plugin

CrakRevenue Releases A WordPress Plugin

Leading camming affiliate program CrakRevenue has announced an exciting new feature. CrakRevenue now offers a WordPress plugin for their affiliates. This plugin makes it easy to display camming offers on any WordPress affiliate site. The plugin is available free of charge, and can be downloaded from the CrakRevenue site and installed on any WordPress site. Here’s all the details on the new plugin.


CrakRevenue WordPress Widgets

Camming Model Widget Options

  1. Widget Title (facultative)
  2. Source (facultative, for tracking purposes)
  3. Aff Sub ID (facultative, for tracking purposes)
  4. Number of columns
  5. Number of Rows
  6. Allow Male Models (check the box if you want to show gay material)


CrakRevenue WordPress Pop-Ads

Manage Pop-Ads From WordPress Dashboard

In addition to managing widget space, the plugin also allows CrakRevenue affiliates to manage pop-ads as well. There;s a tab for pop-ads within the plugin dashboard area. This will allow you to set the vertical (camming or otherwise). Affiliates are also able to add traffic source and sub affiliate tags to the pop-ads that are displayed on the site.


CrakRevenue WordPress Link Replacement

Change Any Text Into Affiliate Links

With the CrakRevenue link replacement tool, you can transform any text on your site into affiliate links. This works with the Smarlinks functionality. Simply indicate what vertical you want to use with the links, what words to be replaced and enter any tracking information. The CrakRevenue plugin will then automatically convert every instance of that text into an affiliate link.


CrakRevenue WordPress Native Ads

Native Ad Customization

  1. Font Type (Default: Times)
  2. Font Size (Default: 12)
  3. Font Weight (Default: 100)
  4. Color (Default: 44444)
  5. Hover Color (Default: 111111)
  6. Description Lines (Default: 1)
  7. Number of Thumbnails
  8. Max Width (Default: 750)
  9. Thumbnails Per Row


Signup As A CrakRevneue Affiliate

Interested in becoming a CrakRevenue affiliate? Signup today! CrakRevenue is a leading affiliate network with tons of offers and beautiful promo tools. CrakRevenue is the only affiliate network supporting the MyFreeCams affiliate offer. Also promote sites like ImLive, LiveJasmin and many more camming offers. If you’re running a WordPress site, you can now use the Crak plugin to easily manage your ad zones and links, saving you time and effort.

Learn More: CrakRevenue – Leading Adult Affiliate Network

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