CrakRevenue No Longer Offering MyFreeCams Affiliate Program

CrakRevenue Affiliate Network


This article and information is dated. CrakRevenue has announced the MyFreeCams revshare is back! This article is still being left up, as for the historical value. This was breaking news at one point in time!


MyFreeCams Ends Affiliate Arrangement With CrakRevenue

Since writing this, we’ve received a more official response from CrakRevenue:

Our comments:

“The MyFreeCams Revshare program has been discontinued because of an internal business strategy by the provider. Program owners have the right to end a program at any time without notice.

On the plus side, however, we still have exclusivity to the MyFreeCams pay-per-lead (PPL) program and we’ll now be accepting more countries than ever with additional payout tiers.

We welcome anyone affected by the termination of this program to reach out to to see if our Affiliate Advisors can recommend the next best Revshare program for all your Cam traffic. We look forward to accommodating all!

Thanks so much for your understanding,
– The CrakRevenue Team

MyFreeCams has yet to comment, although we can tell you they’ve been opening our email continuously. We will post there comment here as soon as we receive it. Now, the original post:

CrakRevenue, the affiliate network that was running the MyFreeCams affiliate program, is no longer offering the MyFreeCams revshare program. They are still running the PPL program, which webmasters have to personally apply to.

This comes as bad news for webmasters promoting the program and models that have been using MyFreeCams to earn an additional revenue share to supplement their camming income. Whether MyFreeCams will try starting a new affiliate program is unknown.

We’ve reached out to MyFreeCams and CrakRevenue for comments. CrakRevenue confirms they are no longer promoting MyFreeCams and offered up other revshare camming programs as an alternative. MyFreeCams has yet to follow-up to the inquiries.


Will MyFreeCams Offer A New Affiliate Program?

Isn’t that the question on all the webmasters minds. We’re still waiting for an official response from MyFreeCams, and we’re curious to hear what they’ve got to say. There is one thing that hints that MyFreeCams might be creating their in-house affiliate program. There’s an affiliate login page that can be found on the MyFreeCams site.

We will update this blog post with additional information once we’ve received an official response from MyFreeCams or a more detailed statement from CrakRevenue.


MyFreeCams Suggests Their “Bring A Friend” Program

Although MyFreeCams still has yet to follow-up with my email, they did respond to a couple models I had reach out to them. Imagine that. MyFreeCams suggests that users look at their Bring A Friend program. The only problem is that models aren’t allowed to participate. MyFreeCams also warns that the program is “Just for fun” and “don’t try to turn it into a commercial enterprise. And if your tokens do not get credited, please do not complain. Sometimes the system does not work.” They also state that the program isn’t officially supported and to “use it at your own risk”.

Doesn’t sound like much of an alternative to me. MyFreeCams didn’t comment about the new affiliate section of their site when any of the models inquired about it.


Alternatives To The MyFreeCams Affiliate Program

There are many webmasters who are now actively seeking an alternative to MyFreeCams. Luckily, there’s no shortage of camming affiliate programs out there. If you simply need to swap out affiliate banners and links, this isn’t much of an issue. If you were a webmaster taking advantage of the deep-linking to individual models to build a directory-style site, then you may have some issues.

CrakRevenue suggested either applying for the MyFreeCams PPL program or checking out some of their other revshare camming programs.

If you’re a webmaster looking for alternatives outside of CrakRevenue, I would personally suggest Chaturbate as a MyFreeCams alternative. In addition to revshare, they also offer PPL, webmaster and model referral programs. Chaturbate also gives you way more promotional tools than CrakRevenue does.

For a full list of alternatives, check out our list of camming affiliate programs that we’ve got on our sister site dedicated to the webmaster side of the camming industry.


What This Means For MyFreeCams Models

If you were a model using CrakRevenue for the MyFreeCams revshare, this could greatly cut into your profits. Affiliate marketing is very effective when combined with a model’s promotional efforts. In addition to promoting her shows, camming models are also able to earn a revshare off any token purchases from the members they share. If these members then go and spend that money on the model, it’s almost like getting double the tokens! If the customers don’t spend the tokens on the model, then at least she’s hedging her promotional efforts by still making money off her traffics token purchases.

Luckily, it looks like MyFreeCams might be in the process of developing their own in-house affiliate program. They’ve got an affiliate portal on their site with a login form. This is a pretty good indicator that there’s an affiliate programs in the work. MyFreeCams has neither confirmed nor denied this and we’ll update this post as soon as we’ve received an update.

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