CosFans Webinar 1: Amber Sonata – How To Make Cosplay Sexy

Amber Sonata – How To Make Cosplay Sexy

The pilot episode of CosFans webinar series. In this video, Amber Sonata discusses how to make cosplay sexy. This is the very first episode of an ongoing series that will be held live as a webinar, with the recording made public at a later date.


Cosplay Tips By Amber Sonata


Don’t Pick Popular Characters – Pick Ones That work For You!

Don’t just pick the popular characters. It helps if the characters compliment your body type and skin tone. The skin tone thing is kind of a controversial topic, and don’t let your race prevent you from playing a character. And don’t let your weight or body type stop you from cosplaying a specific character. Cosplay is for everyone.

But if you closely match the body / look of a character naturally, it makes it a whole lot easier and makes the cosplay a whole lot more legitimate.

Even having glasses is difficult. I can’t really see without my glasses and contacts don’t really work for me. So even wearing glasses is a body challenge that can make things more difficult. So, basically, what I have to do is call myself a “Nerdy Version” of everyone I’m cosplaying.


Gender-Bending Cosplay Is Awesome!

On that note, one way to get around the body restrictions is gender-bending, and gender-bending cosplay is awesome. You can still get really creative and meticulous. It’s rare for guys to cosplay girl characters, but it’s way more common for girls to dress up as male characters.


Sexy / Adult Cosplay vs Vanilla / Regular Cosplay

There is some controversy around adult cosplay vs regular cosplay. There’s people that think that being sexy is taking away from the character itself. But the great thing about cosplay is that the well known characters have so many defining features that even if you make it nude / sexy, there are things you can do to bring out the traits of the character.


AMA Questions Asked


“How did you start cosplaying?”

Amber: I was trying to think up more ways to make content, and cosplay has always been an interest for me. Those two things just really worked out well.


“What character did you start with?”

Amber: My first costume was Diva. I was getting super into Overwatch. At first I hated the game because I was terrible with it, but now I like it. My first one was Diva, but then I eventually branched out into other Overwatch characters.


“What about Comic Con and other conventions?”

Amber: I haven’t been to any conventions. Usually the tickets sell out incredibly fast, and they’re insanely expensive. I have walked around outside of the San Diego one twice in two different years.


“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Amber: Well, me and my boyfriend are still working that one out. I don’t even know what I’m doing right now. We’ve talked about opening up a snack bar. Also considering real estate. Career-wise, I’d love to still be making content. I’d like to keep camming, but do it less because my schedule is getting too busy. It’d be nice to upgrade my cosplay.


“Do you have tips for people looking to get into cosplay?”

Amber: For people starting, being super into whatever you’re cosplaying is important. You need to know your character. People will notice things, and if it’s not thought out, people will notice those holes in your costume and you’ll be much less legitimate.

For the costumes? Amazon has a lot of outfits and accessories, which makes things super easy. There’s millions of other websites as well, but Amazon is the one everyone has heard of, and it’s very easy to start there.


“What’s The Weirdest Thing Your Fans Have Asked You To Do?”

Amber: It wasn’t sexual in nature, but I recently made a custom for a guy into the throat fetish. He just wanted me to pose really nicely with my throat out, and also measure it. I was naked, but I didn’t really do anything. So that was interesting.


“Do people recognize you on the street?”

Amber: That has not happened. I don’t know what I would do if that happened.


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