Clips4Sale “Spring Into Sales” Special – 75% Commissions (2018)

Clips4Sale Offering 75% March - May 2018

Clips4Sale Offering 75% March – May 2018

Popular fetish clip site Clips4Sale has announced their Spring Into Sales promotion. during this promotion, performers earn 75% on all commissions they are referred using a CID link. The rules are simple: Promote your store and content using the CID link, and earn more from all purchases that you’re able to send to Clips4Sale. Here’s the details.


The Promotion Runs From March 1st to May 31st

There is plenty of time to take advantage of this offer. The inventive program runs from March 1st to May 31st, 2018



You Can Add The CID To Any URL

By default, the CID link goes to your clip store. You can add the CID tracking parameters to the end of any link and get credit for them. This allows you to link directly to specific pieces of content. Simply paste the tracking parameters to the end of the link you want to use.


How To Enter

  • Log in to your Store Admin
  • Click on the new SPRING INTO SALES BANNER on the home page of the store admin.
  • Click on the button to GENERATE SPRING INTO SALES CAMPAIGN CODE to get your unique CID link code.


Contest Rules

  • PARTICIPATION – Increased commission requires participation in the incentive program.
  • MULTIPLE STORES – If you have multiple stores you can only create a unique CID code for each store and take advantage of increased commission through the incentive program in all of your stores.
  • YOU CAN – Post your Spring into Sales CID link code anywhere link posting is allowed online (EX. social media, personal websites, forums and message boards).
  • YOU CAN – Offer goods or services to your customers in order to increase sales, BUT they must be legitimate clips sales or they will be disregarded completely.
  • YOU SHOULD – Stay active and involved during the incentive program to keep your customers updated on your status and campaign actively for new clip sales.
  • ONLY CLIP SALES – Generated through the special CID link code for your store will count towards the increased commission.
  • ONLY CLIP SALES – Count toward the increased commission (tributes and/or donations do not count).
    WARNING – Multiple Refunds and chargebacks that occur on your end due to insider fraud for any clips purchased through the incentive program that come from your special CID link code will result in possible removal from the current and future promotions.


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