Choice Bank Issues Statement: Cards Being Terminated


Choice Bank Issues Statement: Cards Discontinued

Choice Bank, the bank provider of Paxum and FirstChoice Pay, has issued a statement to all their card holders stating that the cards are to be terminated. If you were either a Paxum or FirstChoice Pay customer during the Choice Bank time, you’ve most likely already withdrawn all available funds, as to make sure that no money is lost.


Official Statement From Choice Bank:

Below is an important message from Choice Bank Limited regarding your Firstchoice Pay Prepaid Card.

Dear Cardholder,

As you may be aware from communications with your Program Manager, with us or otherwise, there have been significant changes in Choice Bank Limited’s (“we” or “the Bank”) ability to offer Mastercard-branded or Cirrus-branded payment (a.k.a. prepaid) cards (“Cards”).

In connection therewith, and in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions of use of the Cards as set forth in our cardmember agreement with you (“Agreement”), effective June 30, 2018 (“Termination Date”), use of all Cards will be wholly discontinued, and the Agreement shall come to an end, unless sooner terminated. In furtherance of the Agreement, we require that you either destroy your Card or surrender same to us by mailing same to us at Choice Bank Ltd., Ground floor Paradise Point Building, PO Box #2494, Belize City, Belize, Central America on or after the Termination Date.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage you to spend all remaining balances on your Card prior to the Termination Date. Any remaining balances on your Card as of the Termination Date will be returned to you, less wire fees of US$100, upon receipt and confirmation of complete and updated identification satisfactory to us. There may also be additional fees if required due to enhanced due diligence costs.

We thank you for your kind cooperation.

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