Chaturbate Updates Fanclubs / Clip Store Features


Now You Can Sell Clips To Chaturbate Fanclub Members!

Popular camming site Chaturbate has made some very exciting updates to their fanclub functionality. Now, it’s possible to indicate whether uploaded content should be made available for fanclub subscribers, or if the subscribers have to pay additional money to access the uploaded content. This is great for performers who don’t want to give all their uploaded content away for just the monthly subscription costs. Now it’s possible to make even more money from fanclub subscribers.


Sell Clips To Chaturbate Fanclub Members


New Options For Uploaded Content:

  1. Everyone:  Your photo set or video is available to everyone for free.
  2. Fan Club:  Only people who join your Fan Club can view the photo set or video; it can not be purchased by others.
  3. Fan Club or Purchase:  The photo set or video is free for Fan Club members. Non-Fan Club members must pay with tokens.
  4. Purchase Only:  All users, including Fan Club members, must pay with tokens to view your photo set or video.


More Information On Chaturbate

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