Chaturbate Tutorial: Apps and Bots

Chaturbate Tutorial: How To Use Apps and Bots

Chaturbate model ImpossibleGirl gives us a video tutorial on how to use apps and bots. One of the best features Chaturbate offers is the ability to add apps and bots to your chatroom. It’s very similar to an app store on your smartphone. You’re able to search through a wide range of apps that add specific functionality, features and customization to your Chaturbate chatroom.


Adding Apps To Your Chatroom

To get started, go to your broadcast page by hitting the Broadcast Yourself button. Once your on your broadcast page, there will be a tab for the apps and bots. Clicking on it will display all the currently used apps and bots and allow you to select which ones you want to use.  Chaturbate will always show you the popular apps, your favorite apps, newest apps and the featured apps.

If you aren’t familiar with what’s available, take some time to scroll through the app store and explore some of the various apps that people have created. If you’re looking for something in particular, there’s also a search bar that will allow you to find apps based on keywords.

In the app store, you will see some basic and important information. There will be the app title, description, maker and the Token Score. The token score is a very useful metric. It tells you how many tokens the app has made for the users and how profitable it is. Many apps allow you to play games and do other things that require tipping to participate. It’s worth looking into the profitable apps, as they’ve made other models money.

The app being featured in the tutorial is a tip multi-goal app. This app sets a tip goal with several mini-goals to help coax your viewers into working towards the final goal. Once each tip goal is met, you perform the indicated show. The chatroom works together and everyone pitches in tokens so everyone can enjoy the show.

Once an app is selected, there will be some options you can fill out. In the case of this app, you indicate what the various tip goals are and what kind of performance you’ll do once each goal is met. Sometimes the app options can get a little confusing, but there’s generally instructions included in the app description. If you use a particular app a lot, you can add it to your favorites. This will make easier to select in the future.


Become A Chaturbate Model

Become a Chaturbate model today! Registration is quick and easy. Once your account is verified, you can setup your profile and start broadcasting. The earning potential is limitless. You can also customize your chatroom with apps and bots as well as custom images, design and more. To see all the Chaturbate features, register as a model today!

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