Chaturbate Tube Beta – New Chaturbate Feature Without Explanation


Chaturbate’s New Tube Feature / Menu Item

Those who have logged into Chaturbate probably noticed something new and interesting. There is now a “Tube Beta” link in the Chaturbate menu item. The page looks like it was designed to be fairly responsive out of the box (small, single column centered on the page) showing photo and video content from various Chaturbate profiles. Viewers are able to filter between photo and video content, as well as by gender.


No Blog Post, Tweet or Help Item

Doing a quick search through the blog, their Twitter feed and the Chaturbate FAQ / Help Section will bring up no content or information relating to the new tube feature. The only thing we’re able to judge it by is what we see on the tube page itself.


Chaturbate Survey On Tube Feature

Although there is no information on the new tube feature, Chaturbate is asking everyone’s opinion on it. Theey’ve got a Survey Monkey survey going asking people their thoughts on the new feature. There’s check boxes for whether they’re satisfied or dissatisfied, a field for comments and a field to enter their Chaturbate username.

Chaturbate Tube Survey


No Forum Chatter On Chaturbate Tube

When Chaturbate added cryptocurrency payouts, there was also no official announcement via the Chaturbate blog or their official social media handles. However, Chaturbate representatives did officially announce crypto payouts on a few of the industry forums (XBIZ and GFY). No similar announcement has been made on the intent behind Chaturbate tube, although that might happen before the end of the day today.


Chaturbate Tube Features

The tube itself is very basic. It’s a feed of content on Chaturbate. Here are the main features available on the page:

  • Filter Photos: Checkbox on whether or not photo content should be displayed
  • Filter Videos: Checkbox on whether or not video content should be displayed
  • Female: Checkbox on whether or not female content should be displayed
  • Male: Checkbox on whether or not male content should be displayed
  • Couples: Checkbox on whether or not couples content should be displayed
  • Transgender: Checkbox on whether or not transgender content should be displayed
  • Follow: Button that allows browsers to follow the performer who’s content is being displayed
  • More From User: Have to expand the “…”. Shows more content from the broadcaster
  • Report Abuse: Report the content on the tube page


More Information On Chaturbate

Interested in becoming a Chaturbate broadcaster? You can either signup here or learn more about Chaturbate by checking out the link below. Chaturbate is a leading camming site with great traffic, pay and innovative features such as apps and bots. All genders can make money from the platform. Plus, apparently Chaturbate broadcasters can get featured in tube beta….Whether it’s something they want to be featured on or not.

Learn More: Information For Chaturbate Broadcasters

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