The best apps and bots on Chaturbate for automatically running tip games

Playing tipping games is hugely popular on token-based camming sites like Chaturbate, but they can be complicated and time-consuming to set up and run while you are also trying to keep the mood in your cam room fun and upbeat. Enter Chaturbate’s apps and bots features! The ones listed below are just a few out of the thousands of apps and bots designed to help you run your cam room, but these are the best of the best for models who want to start running tipping games automatically in their cam rooms. Free up your time and attention to focus on your members, and not on game admin, without losing out on tips!

Best Apps for Chaturbate Tipping Games

Token Keno
This is hands-down the best app for tip games (most tip games are set up as bots). The Token Keno app is one of the most popular tipping games on Chaturbate because of all the options to customize the game. You can have members tip for a board number, or tip a fixed amount then choose a board number – and it’s all automated. You can show a leaderboard, give a special prize to the highest tipper, hide multiple prizes among the board numbers, advertise a special show when the board gets cleared, and allow multiple members to pool smaller tips to get a board number.

Best Bots for Chaturbate Tipping Games

Spin the wheel XXX
A great bot with good wheel spin graphics! You can choose from a small, medium, or large wheel (12, 18, or 36 prizes) that will spin and choose a number without requiring you to set up a separate app or website, or even buy or build a real prize wheel. You can also set the maximum number of spins a member can tip for at the same time to keep things organized. It’s one of the most popular bots on the site for a reason – prize wheels are very popular with tippers, and members love the graphics.

Roll the Dice: Improved
This bot allows the tipper to “roll” 2 dice and awards prizes based on the result. I like this bot because it allows you to add a “rare” roll after a certain number of dice rolls have occurred with a special prize, and because you can choose between 6-sided and 10-sided dice. Members can also tip for multiple dice rolls at once. A good, simple bot for a simple tipping game with very minimal work on the model’s end.

Lucky Number Game
This bot is slightly similar to Token Keno, in that users tip a number in hopes that is the “lucky” number that will reveal a prize. You can also add “secret prizes” to reward more than just 1 number on the board. Unlike Token Keno, there is no fixed amount option, nor is there an advertised prize for clearing the board. A simple, straightforward tipping game that gets the fun going and tokens flowing.

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