Make Money Selling Videos On Chaturbate


Sell Videos On Your Chaturbate Profile

Chaturbate is a leading camming site. Although webcam shows is the main focus of the network, there’s multiple ways performers can earn. One of these ways is selling videos directly from the profile. In addition to selling individual pieces of content, models can also make the content accessable through fanclubs, charging a subscription fee to access to. Here’s all the information on selling videos on Chaturbate.


How Much Models Get Paid

Models are able to set the price for each video. Video and fanclub sales earn the same 5 cents per token that camming earns. Because the videos have the potential to generate income as long as they’re available for purchase, the amount of money the videos can earn is somewhat limitless.


Make Money Even When Offline

Another great thing about selling content is that you don’t need to be online in order to generate sales and revenue. Even when you’re not online and performing on webcam, the videos are still available for purchase from the profile. Chaturbate handles all the payment processing and customers access, so you don’t have to be online for the sale to occur.


Video Sales Vs Fanclub Subscriptions

There’s two ways to make money from content uploaded to your profile. Either selling the individual pieces of content, or through fanclub subscriptions. By enabling the fanclub functionality, performers are able to charge a monthly subscription fee in order to access the content. This creates a residual income, as the customer will have to keep renewing the membership monthly to keep accessing the fanclub content.

When uploading the content, you’ll have the following options:

  1. Everyone:  Your photo set or video is available to everyone for free.
  2. Fan Club:  Only people who join your Fan Club can view the photo set or video; it can not be purchased by others.
  3. Fan Club or Purchase:  The photo set or video is free for Fan Club members. Non-Fan Club members must pay with tokens.
  4. Purchase Only:  All users, including Fan Club members, must pay with tokens to view your photo set or video.


Clip Sites: More Places To Sell Videos

If you’re planning on selling videos on a camming site, it also makes sense to put those videos up for sale on the clip sites as well. By doing this, you’ll reach a larger audience. Also, the clip sites are geared more towards video sales, therefore content generally performs better on these sites. Having videos for sale in multiple places (including your camming site) is a very smart move.


Get Started As A Chaturbate Broadcaster

Interested in becoming a Chaturbate broadcaster? You can either signup here or learn more about the site by checking out the link below. Chaturbate is a leading camming site with great traffic, pay and features. Make money from webcam shows, as well as videos and fanclub memberships. All genders are welcome, including couples and groups. anyone eighteen or older can make money as a broadcaster.

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