Chaturbate Profile HTML Issues – The “Official” Fix


How To Solve HTML In Chaturbate Profiles Not Working

Within this past year, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding HTML in Chaturbate profiles not working as they should. Most of these comments are in regards to Chaturbate’s profile page tutorial. There’s been people commenting about how Picasa is no longer available, as well as the HTML in the profile not working as it should, at least as indicated in the tutorials and around the web.

We’ve received enough inquiries to finally escalate the issue to Chaturbate. Here’s the official response.


Accounts Must Be Verified For HTML To Be Modified

This is Chaturbate’s official response. In order to modify the HTML of a site, the Chaturbate account must be verified. According to them, that’s it, and the HTML should work just as it does in their tutorial and all the other resources around the internet.


Email / Forum Chatter Indicates It Might Be Something More

Although this is the official response from Chaturbate (from someone with a name, not the standard support email address), a lot of the chatter I’m hearing suggests that it might be something different. If your account is verified, but yet you still find that there’s issues with Chaturbate’s HTML, shoot us an email.

We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about this, and we want to get to the bottom of it! If there’s issues outside simply being verified, we want to escalate this to the site again, and see if we can’t get them looking into the issue further.


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