Chaturbate Profile Design: Creating Custom Visual Bios


How To Create Custom / Visual Chaturbate Profiles

Chaturbate is a leading camming site that allows models to create truly impressive custom profile pages. These include links to your social media, website and even clip store! Because Chaturbate allows models to use custom coding, the possibilities are just about endless. There’s also bio designers made specifically for Chaturbate. These allow you to easily create amazing bios without having to code them yourself. Here’s all the information on Chaturbate bio design.


Chaturbate Custom Bio Rules / Terms

Before we get into the fun stuff, first we must go over some of the Chaturbate profile page rules and regulations. These are important, as you do not want to get your account banned!


Profile Must Be Verified Before Adding HTML

It’s important to note that your profile must be fully verified (ID submitted) before you’re able to add custom HTML to the profile page. This is primarily to prevent spam or malicious code being entered on Chaturbate. Some models want to have their profiles fully designed before going live, and unfortunately that is not how it works. If your code isn’t working the way you want it to, this is most likely the problem. Reach out to support and make sure your profile is fully verified and approved.


Floating Images Can’t Block Logo / Navigation Ad-Space

Chaturbate prides itself on the freedom it provides to broadcasters so that they may customize their cam pages and express themselves with overlays and graphics. That being said, this freedom can only extend so far and ultimately must not interfere with the core functionality of our website.

Your page must not feature overlays that obscure our site logo, ad zones or any navigation elements. If your account is flagged as using these types of elements, we will kindly alert you to remove or relocate them. If you do not remove them and you receive additional warnings from us, we will have to take more serious action.


Can’t Link To Competing Camming Sites

Broadcasters are allowed to link to 3rd party sites, as long as they are not linking to competing camming sites. This includes clip sites and other networks who support camming functionality, even if it’s not the primary focus of the site.


DIY: Easy-To-Use HTML For Images and Links

For those who want to put together their own profiles (free of charge) here’s some basic HTML to add images and links to your Chaturbate profile. If you’re planning some advanced stuff, we recommend you check out some of the tools available in the section below this one!


Adding Basic Images To The Chaturbate Profile

If the only thing you’re trying to do is add basic images to your profile, it’s as simple as pasting an image code snippet in the bio area. You can see an example of an image HTML code here:

<img src=””>

Simply replace the tinypic URL with the link of whatever image you want added to the profile page. If you’re using free image hosting software, it should spit out the image URL. If the image is already hosted on the internet, you can simply right-click on it and select “Copy Image Address“.

Image File Hosting: There’s tons of places that provide free file image hosting. Doing a simple Google search will bring up tons of them. If you’re unsure where to host the files, this is a good place to start.


Adding Links To Your Images

If you want to add links to your images, that is also possible. Keep in mind, Chaturbate has some restrictions as to what links can be used. If you are unsure whether or not the site or webpage is allowed, contact Chatrubate support to get confirmation. If you want to add a hyperlink to that image you just added, here’s the code you’d use:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

Simply replace the “” with whatever URL you want to link to. Anything in between the opening and closing <a> will not be hyperlinked with the specified URL.


Tools For Building Chaturbate Profiles

If you’re going for some really technical and advanced Chaturbate profile design, we suggest you use one of the tools created specifically for designing. This is especially true if you’re not 100% HTML or graphic-design savvy. There’s even some tools built specifically for camgirls!


Xnite Productions: Camgirl Live editor

Xnite: Camgirl Live Editor: Create Professional Profiles

The Camgirl Live Editor was designed specifically for profile page creation. The platform features an easy-to-use visual editor that allows you to create and edit your profile images, all without any knowledge of graphic design or HTML coding. Once designed, the Camgirl Live Editor will generate the code snippet to paste in your Chaturbate bio, and everything will appear exactly how you designed!

More Information On The Camgirl Live Editor


Designing Visual Chaturbate Bios Using Canva

Canva is a platform for designing a wide range of things, mostly used for social media banners, profiles and promotional images. There’s tons of pre-built templates to choose from, and these can easily be customized for your use. The visual designer makes it easy to edit the text and fonts, add images and control other design elements.


More Information On Chaturbate

Interested in becoming a Chaturbate webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about the camming site by checking out the link below. Chaturbate is a leading camming site with excelent traffic, good model percentages and tons of great features. One of these features is fully customizable camming model profiles. Also take advantage of apps and bots to further add functionality to the profile, and make additional money from selling content and running fanclubs. Chaturbate accepts all genders (including couples and groups) and offers a wide range of ways to earn, all under one roof.

Learn More: Becoming A Chaturbate Model

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