Chaturbate No Longer Allowing ManyVids Links On Profiles

ManyVids Announces Live Webcam Shows

ManyVids Links Removed From Chaturbate Profiles

Leading clip site ManyVids has released their new MV Live feature today, which allows MV Stars to broadcast live on the site. It’s currently in beta with limited bandwidth and features, and will scale up as it moves through the beta testing and trouble-shooting. One question that the community had is whether this would impact whether or not certain camming sites would still allow models to promote their ManyVids clip stores.

When ManyVids released MV Takeover, the live functionality that eventually evolved into MV Live, MyFreeCams banned profile links to ManyVids. Now, more recently, Chaturbate has stated that ManyVids profile links are no longer allowed Chaturbate profiles. Chaturbate allows links to external sites, as long as they are not competing camming sites. Now that MV Live launched, ManyVids is now a competing camming site.

This announcement was made in an email sent out to broadcasters, as well as via forums.


Official Statement From Chaturbate:

Chaturbate is unique in that our terms do not prohibit users from providing links on Chaturbate to third party sites, except to competitive cam sites. The site you asked about has announced they plan on becoming a cam site on 7/31. Therefore, per our policies links on Chaturbate to this other site will not be permitted. If you would like our help editing your bio, will be happy to help you.


Reports Of ManyVids Profile Links Being Disabled

It’s being reported that ManyVids links are being disabled from Chaturbate profiles. It’s fair to speculate that ManyVids has been blocked out on the domain-level. This would be the most common-sense move for Chaturbate, as there are many profiles containing ManyVids links, and blanket-banning for them would not be the smartest course of action. Whether or not failure to remove incomes (even non-hypelinked) is yet to be known.


ManyVids Open-Letter To Chaturbate

ManyVids has responded to Chaturbate’s decision in an open-letter blog post, as well as a press release syndicated to all the PR / news sites. ManyVids has stated that they will always allow performers to link to whatever web properties they want. With this announcement, it’s safe to assume that the camming site links on the profiles will still be available after MV Live gets out of beta.


Importance Of A Website As A Central “Hub”

Not all networks are friendly about linking to external sites, some not even allowing Twitter links. For the ones that do, usually it’s only a single website link being allowed. This is why a personal website is a very important asset. Your website can act as your internet hub that you completely control. This means that you’ll always be able to list all your camming site, clip site and other network links, without fear of a site removing your ability to link.

Chaturbate still allows linking to model websites, which can be used to promote a wide range of networks, products and services.


More Information On MV Live

MV Live is ManyVid’s new live streaming platform. MV Live is currently in beta, with limited bandwidth. Public chat is currently the only chat type allowed, but privates and groups are planned for the future. ManyVids will scale in the bandwidth as the beta process continues, and with that, more performers will be able to stream. Currently, it’s only open to a limited number of models simultaneously.

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