CCBill Adds Tools To Help Cam Sites Fight Chargebacks / Fraud


CCBill Adds New Anti-Chargeback Features For Camming Sites

Popular adult payment processing provider CCBill has announced some exciting new features for camming sites. Whether you’re a site owner, performer, affiliate or studio, the word “Chargebacks” is probably a major trigger. Pretty much everyone has had at least one chargeback experience. And nobody likes seeing negative numbers on their earning summaries.

Here are the new CCBill features designed to help camming sites prevent chargebacks.


“Velocity Controls” – Throttling Transactions / # Of Transactions

The new Velocity Controls give CCBill merchants better control over the throttling of purchases. If someone steals a credit card and is using it to purchase tokens on a camming site, nobody wants them spending epic amounts of money on the site. Same with shady people who purchase tickets and then claim a chargeback, even though the only fraud is them scamming the sites and models.

If someone does spend a lot of money on the site, spends it on models, the network has to reverse it and the network doesn’t cover chargebacks, it’s still money lost, as well as a great way to piss off the performers on the sites. If the network does cover the chargebacks and this event occurs, the network is out the money (although hopefully the performers appreciate the site covering it!).

Either way; it’s not a good scenario. And this is where throttling transactions can be a lifesaver. With throttled spending, the scammer can only purchase so much. That means that only so much can be reversed, meaning there’s only so much liability the camming site faces. The new CCBill tools allow for much more effective throttling, and on an account-level.


New Additions To CCBill Web Hooks Provide Better Tracking

Web Hooks can be used for a number of different things. One of their applications is pushing notifications. The updates include new variables that can be collected and sent to merchants. These variables provide better data that can be used to detect and reduce fraud. All CCBill web hooks can be found in their documentation section.


Check Out CCBill For More Information

For more information on CCBill and their camming solutions, visit There you will find all information on the products, the verticals CCBill services, documentation, and so much more.


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