Computer Requirements For Adult Camming

LaptopComputer Requirements For Adult Camming

The computer requirements for camming is incredibly simple. As long as your computer isn’t an ancient relic, it should have what it takes to run the camming software. Much of the camming software is flash-based. Therefore, if your computer is good enough to run flash, it’s good enough for camming. Of course there are some sites that are different have have different requirements.

Any new computer will be more than adaquate for adult camming. So if you’re shopping around for a new computer, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Here’s some other considerations.


Some Camming Software Not iOS Compatible

If you’re a Mac fan, it’s important to know that not all camming sites are Mac-friendly. If a Mac is all you’re working with, don’t worry. The majority of them are iOS-friendly. If the camming site you’ve got your heart set on isn’t Mac-friendly, you can always install a Windows emulator on your Mac. That will run the software just fine.


Both Laptops and PCs Work Fine (Laptop Recommended!)

Both laptops and PCs work fine for camming. You might want to consider going with a laptop though, for a number of reasons. Laptops are more mobile. If you’re camming form a PC, you’re pretty much going to be stuck in front of your desk. With a laptop, you’re able to cam from different rooms and you’re able to move your laptop around. Perhaps you want to cam from your bed on the floor. With a laptop, you’ve got more freedom as far as movement goes.

If you’re ever traveling and want to cam on the go, the laptop is going to be much easier to deal with. Plenty of models will cam on their trips. There’s many models that even travel to produce collaborative content and do girl/girl shows together. For these kind of trips, a laptop definitely comes in handy.


Upgrading From Stock Laptop Webcam

If you’ve got a laptop, you’re most likely going to want to upgrade the webcam. Most stock built-in webcams are insanely poor quality. It’s not just the webcam that is below par, most the time the microphone on laptops is below par, too. The higher quality your video and audio is, the better your performances and the more money you’ll make. Some networks even rank models with HD webcams higher on the site and display an HD badge on their profiles.

External webcams also make it easier to position the camera and do your shows. With a built-in webcam, you’re stuck in front of your computer. With an external webcam, you have more flexibility on where you position the camera, your body and anything else that needs to be in the shot.

If you’re using a PC for camming, you might not have a built-in webcam. In that case, you’re definitely going to need to get an external webcam.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a requirement, just a major suggestion. If you don’t upgrade your webcam right away, you can still perform with a stock webcam. If you do go this route, it’s highly advised that you upgrade your webcam as soon as possible. You’ll make more money that way. It’s also possible to place a new webcam on a wishlist or run a crowdfunding campaign to acquire one.

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Can You Cam From A Mobile Phone?

The answer is yes and no. There are sites that you can stream to from your mobile phone. In fact, some networks like Camazee and any sites built using ModelNet offer a mobile application for camming or chatting. If you do stream from your mobile phone, there’s a couple issues that you’ll be facing.

The first is data. Anytime you’re streaming, you’re using a huge amount of data. If you’re paying for data, this could be a problem. If you’ve got unlimited data, it most likely gets throttled after a certain quota, reducing your speed.

Also, you have to consider how fast your 3G/4G is or how well your wifi works. If your phone or internet service provider isn’t great, your streaming isn’t going to be great. Much of the profits rely on having the best speeds possible. If your phone can’t get a good upload speed, it’s going to be a poor quality stream.

You also have to take into consideration the video quality on your phone. With most phones, the selfie camera, the one in the front of the phone, isn’t as high of quality as the other camera. This is major. If the camera you’re using isn’t HD, that can hurt you.

Another major consideration is the fact that it’s harder to setup a shot with a smartphone. You’ll either need to hold the phone during the entire performance, or you’ll need to somehow prop it up or position it some other way. This can be difficult and annoying.

So while it is possible to cam from your phone, it’s not recommended. A computer is way easier to use, much more convenient and will result in a higher quality show. Especially if you’re using a good external webcam that’s easy to adjust and position.


Guide To Becoming A Webcam Model

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