Camgirls / Clip Producers: Tips For Storing Video Files

Tips For Storing Clips / Video Files

Camming model and clip producer Roselynn Locks gives some tips for clip producers on how to properly manage and store their clips, as well as other assets. The other assets might include screen shots, audio files and Adobe files (or files for the video editor of your choice). Roselynn Locks also talks external hard drives which are great for backing up your files.


How To Name Your Files

The best way to go about naming your files is to include the date (either date it was shot or the date it was edited) as well as  title for it. It’s best to use a standardized name for all the various assets (video, photo, audio, ect) so that way you can find all the files associated with a project with a simple search.


Using Folders To Organize Content

It’s best to organize the folders in a way that makes sense as well. Roselynn’s suggestion is to create a separate folder for the video, audio, effects and image assets. All those folders should be contained in a top-level folder that is named after the clip being worked on, and it’s also recommended to date it. This folder structure can be created within most editing software. It definitely works in Adobe Premier Pro, as Roselynn demonstrates in the tutorial.


Redundancies: Saving Files In Multiple Places

It’s important to save your files in more than one place. This is so that you have backups in case your computer goes down. Keeping a copy on an external hard drive, as well as cloud storage is definitely a smart move. A clip site can also be used for redundancy storage, as the videos can always be downloaded from there in case something happens to the original files.


Project Maenad Cloud Storage

Project Maenad is cloud storage specifically designed for camming models / clip producers. Unlike other cloud storage systems like Google Drive or Dropbox, Project Maenad is 100% adult friendly (built specifically for the adult industry) and will always be adult friendly. With them, you don’t need to worry about a TOS / Content Policy update completely screwing you over.


Storing Files On An External Hard Drive

You’ll also want to store your files on an external hard drive. Roselynn uses Backup Plus Fast Portable. It’s a compact external hard drive with good storage space. The hard drive is also fast, which is important! You want to be able to process the videos fast so that you’re not waiting around forever.

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