Camgirls: How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Taking Perfect Selfie

Camgirls: Tips On How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Self promotion is a big part of social media when in the adult industry. One key thing that we all do is taking selfies. Some of us are better at this than others so here are a few tips and tricks to help you capture the perfect snapshot to promote yourself and your brand.


Lighting Is Key

Do not use your flash. This will usually give you the red eyes or a blue tint, not attractive at all. Instead use indirect natural lighting (when possible) by a window or door. If you don’t have that available, you can use the lighting that you use for cam or shooting. If you do not have proper lighting, you can find LED lights and make a selfie ring light. Above all, avoid harsh lighting that will cast shadows which bring out the worst traits that you would rather hide.

Don’t be afraid to bring in some props. Show off your favorite food, clothing or your new makeup.


Play With Angles

Most say shooting from above, with the camera facing downwards is one of the best angles. I find this to work for most but not all. The worst angle is from below looking up. It makes all your features look larger than they are. Selfie sticks and stands can help you with different angles by giving more reach.


Front Or Back Camera?

This one is still up for debate. I use both. Most people use the camera with the screen (on the front) to get the framing right. But this can be accomplished just as well with the other camera and a mirror. There are even mirror cases out on the market to solve this problem.

Decide on what is your focus point. Some cam girls, findommes, etc. do not show their face on photos or cam. This is fine, but what to do for selfies? Change the focus point of their photos to body parts like cleavage, bum or feet. You can change the angles completely. Bring the camera closer to the part you want to be at the center of attention. Or you can edit later by cropping out your face or blurring it.


Background Is Important

If shooting outdoors, be aware of photo-bombers as well as anything that will pose a safety risk. Beware of disclosing your location, especially if you frequent the location.


Be Prepared To Take A LOT Of Photos!

I mean this. Take a lot of shots so you can find ones that you like and are the best. The first one is usually not the one you are going to pick. This means taking multiple pictures in the same pose, with slightly different angles, lighting or facial expressions. Then change poses and do it all over again.


Consider Using A Timer

Cant get the angle you want? Consider using the timer. Sometimes it is impossible to get the angle you want because you have to press to take the photo which moves the camera slightly. Using the timer gives you time to frame up the photo and use the facial expression you want. Fewer things to do makes it easier for you.


Taking A Video And Selecting The Best Frame

Still can’t get the angle you want? Consider taking a minute or two of video and use editing software to take a freeze frame of the angle/photo you like. If you choose to do this try lowering your eyes then looking up at the camera again to avoid that awkward straight on stare. The image quality will be lower resolution but the framing and pose will be perfect.


Selfies Are A Great Promo Tool That Just Takes Practice

Don’t be afraid to pull out your phone and start experimenting with your camera. In no time you will be able to get the perfect shot, problem free, with tons of great feedback.

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