Camgirls: How To Fight Piracy Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Fighting Stolen Content / Pirate Sites Through SEO

If you’re in the industry, you know about piracy all too well. Capped shows, videos uploaded to tube sites, the list goes on. Luckily, there’s many ways camgirls can fight piracy. DMCA takedown requests are the status quo, and often the network(s) you’re a part of will send takedown requests on your behalf.

But DMCA notices don’t always work. There’s tons of networks out there that don’t honor Western intellectual property laws. For sites hosted in those countries, DMCA is normally a lost cause. When that occurs, models have to start thinking outside the box when it comes to fighting piracy. Two things you can do outside of DMCA is to try to eliminate the traffic pirate sites receive and to attack their sponsors. Today, we’re going to be talking about some tactics to compromise the traffic pirate sites are receiving.


First Step: Do An Audit Of Yourself

This is fairly simple. Do a Google search for your stage-name. What pops up? Most likely it’ll be your website (if you’ve got one), your camming site, Twitter, a clip site and some other properties. You might notice some pirates on page one, or some tube site queries that end up getting indexed.

With some models, you’ll see more pirated content than you will legit web properties. These are the models that really need to put in some serious due dilligence to claiming more of their search real estate.

Don’t forget to also check the video tab. Often times, pirates will have a better chance ranking for video search than regular search. Especially if stolen content is uploaded to high authority tube sites. Don’t worry, we can fight to dominate the video results as well, and that’s explained further down.

Also be sure to do some Googling for your stage-name with some keywords for some of the different fetishes you cater to. You want to make sure that you’re outranking the pirates for those kinds of queries as well. Be sure to check the regular search results, as well as the video search results.


Search Engine Traffic Is A Pirate’s Best Friend (Take Out Their Rankings!)

It’s important to realize that organic rankings is a pirate’s best friend. Most of these pirates are experienced with different forms of internet monetization, and SEO is a natural skill-set for a lot of the people in this crowd. Most of them know from experience that organic traffic performs better than any other traffic source. They also know that once ranked, that content will provide a steady stream of traffic and income.

Because of this, taking over their organic traffic is the biggest way you can stick it to the pirates. There’s also an added bonus; the more of the search engine results you can control, the more organic traffic you’ll be receiving instead of the pirates.


But how is this done?

Search engine optimization is complex, but the basics are really quite simple. The simplest way to compete is to be in as many places as possible. If you’re selling clips, it’s worth it to be on as many clip stores as possible. Same goes for social media. Twitter is great, but having an Instagram and Facebook will help tons. That is because both these sites are high authority, and there’s a very good chance your FB and Instagram profiles will rank page 1 for Google.


Your Website Is Your Best Friend

If you’re not running your own website you need to get started now! There’s tons of advantages of running your own site, and it’s never been easier to get started. With your own site, you’ve got a lot more control over everything than you do with profiles on someone else’s site. This makes it much more easier to perform SEO, especially once you know what you’re doing.

In addition to being an SEO goldmine, there’s also different ways you can make additional money from your website. This might be from membership subscription or store item sales. It could very simply be from using affiliate links when listing out all the different camming / clip sites that you are a part of.

Getting your own personal website ranked for your stage-name (and other branded terms) should be fairly simple. That is all great, and something you definitely want to do. But to get the full benefit from the website, you should be working towards making the different pieces of content target different search results. This is best done through blogging, optimizing the different store item pages, clip previews and making sure all other pages on the site are built right.

More about the SEO best practices later on in this article


Don’t Forget About Video Search As Well!

As mentioned above in the ‘Self Audit’ section, video search is also very important. Especially since a lot of times the pirate sites perform better in video search than they do in regular search. How do you dominate this real estate? Simple. Have video content YOU CONTROL that is able to get indexed (added to search engine results).

There’s multiple sites that can be used for this. You’re probably thinking tube sites, which is definitely the case. There’s a lot of places you might not have thought about as well. Twitter, for example, Twitter is perfect! Twitter carries a lot of authority. That 30 second teaser you upload to promote a clip or cam show can easily get indexed in featured in the video results.

Any type of clip site that features video previews will usually get indexed into search. Examples are ModelCentro, ManyVids, and ExtraLunchMoney. Being on clip stores that are able to have videos indexed not only help with your video SEO, but each clip store you’re a part of also has the chance to generate sales and revenue.

Mainstream networks like YouTube and Vimeo can also be used for this. They can also be used for promotion in a very roundabout way. You might not be able to post NSFW content on these networks, but you can post SFW content. How does this work for promotion? People will find you through YouTube and from YouTube they might subscribe to your social media or Google your name. From there you can promote your adult services.

The videos on these mainstream sites also perform insanely well, for the same reasons that Twitter performs well. They’re mainstream networks with tons of authority. Because of that, a YouTube video on a branded channel has a way better chance than pirated content on a random adult site. At least for branded searches, such as your stage-name.


Fighting Stolen Content On Tube Sites

It’s not uncommon for capped shows and other pieces of content to get uploaded to tube sites. This is especially true for models performing public shows. Luckily, the tube sites are always more receptive to DMCA requests than shady pirates. That being said; DMCA takedown notices is enough to get content removed from most tube sites.

Partnering with tube sites is another route to strongly consider. Being a verified model / studio on the tube site has a couple different advantages. For one, being verified makes it easier for tube sites to verify that it is you sending out the DMCA compliant, as well as verifying that it’s your content. You also have the option to add the content to your branded channel instead of having it removed.

Most tube sites also offer some kind of revshare on your content, as well as branded channels / profiles pages that can be used to drive traffic to your network of sites. So tube sites can also work as both a revenue stream as well as a marketing tool. Also, having videos on the tubes helps you control what’s found in the video Google search results. It also makes it more likely that someone will stumble upon the content you uploaded, instead of the content a pirate uploaded.

When you have control over the content being discovered, at least you can ensure that it’s teaser content (opposed to a full clip), contains your watermark and is only the type of teaser / promotional content you’d want discovered by potential customers.


Affiliate Marketing: Legit Webmasters Promoting You While fighting Piracy

Affiliate marketing is another way to combat piracy in search, while increasing your brand exposure and generating more sales. Affiliate marketing is where a webmaster signs up to promote you. Any sales that the webmaster is able to generate will earn the webmaster a commission. Affiliate marketing is effective, as there’s no upfront investment. The affiliate doesn’t get paid unless a sale is generated. Therefore, affiliate commissions are always going to be justified by the revenue they’re generating.

Affiliate marketers are also good at generating traffic. Best of all, they’re competing for the same traffic the pirates are going for! This creates competition between the pirates and legit webmasters promoting you. You also control what content is available for your affiliates to use to promote you. This makes it more likely that people will find the legit promo content, and not the stolen content you don’t want them accessing for free.

The easiest way to run your own affiliate program is through ModelCentro. ModelCentro allows you to easily build websites free of charge. ModelCentro comes with all the bells and whistles, including the ability to run your own affiliate program. Qualifying sites (specific amount of content, ect) can also get included into MCProfits, which makes it easy to gain access to tons of qualified affiliates.

Learn More About Running Your Own Affiliate Program


In Addition To Fighting Piracy, SEO Will Generate Sales

We’ve talked a lot about how SEO can be used to fight piracy. That’s not all that SEO can do for you. When you get your content ranked in search engines, you’ll tap into an endless supply of traffic. This traffic will make your chatroom bigger and generate sales for clips and other services. Organic search engine traffic outperforms other traffic sources in pretty much every industry. It’s no different for adult.

There’s a reason why the pirates, affiliates and everyone else is trying to rank for your branded keywords and queries. It generates traffic that generates revenue. Taking back that traffic will put the revenue in your hands instead of the hands of other people. That’s the main reason why every model should be working on their SEO.

Fighting back piracy is just a bonus.


SEO Basics For Webcam Models

Now that we’ve discussed all the benefits of SEO, it’s time to talk about how to actually do it. I’ve got a great post on SEO for adult performers. It goes over everything in great detail, and even breaks down some of the actual parts of Google’s algorithm. In short; it helps to be in as many places as possible, and control as much content as possible. Blogging, social media and other networks are going to be your best friend. Outside of that, building authority for your sites (explained in the post) is the real task.

If you’ve got any SEO-related questions, don’t hesitate to shoot them to

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