Camgirls: Become A YouTube Celebrity!


Go Mainstream By Becoming A YouTube Personality

YouTube isn’t adult-friendly, so it’s not the best place for promoting your camming shows and services. You can use YouTube for marketing (and we’ll show you some examples) but for the most part, YouTube is a mainstream channel for mainstream content. YouTube does offer a very unique opportunity to camming models, however. YouTube has the ability to breed online celebrities. People like your personality on webcam, so why wouldn’t they like you on YouTube?

There’s tons of advantages to being a YouTube celebrity. For one, there’s ways to make money off your views and followers. In addition to the monetary opportunities, being YouTube famous will build up name recognition, which will help in your camming career and has the ability to open up a number of other doors. Here’s some of the advantages of becoming a YouTube celebrity.


Create A “Mainstream” Source Of Income

There’s tons of ways you can make money off YouTube. The simplest method is through becoming an approved YouTube publisher. Once you’ve become approved, you’re able to get a share of the revenue from the ads displayed before, during and alongside your uploaded videos. In order to ‘get rich’ off this method, you’ll need popular content, a huge following and a whole lot of views. Even if you’re not getting rich off of it, you can still make some extra pocket change.

Other forms of monetization include affiliate marketing, embedding the videos on other sites and monetizing them through traditional forms of internet monetization, paid reviews and testimonials and more.


Use Your Camming Following To Build A YouTube Following

Since you’ve already got an established following, you can use that to build up your mainstream / YouTube following. If they’re willing to follow you on the sites you belong to and over social media, there’s a very good chance that they’ll also follow you on YouTube and interact with your uploads. This can help you easily start up your channel and quickly ramp up your following.


YouTube Drives Camming Traffic / Customers

Although YouTube isn’t very adult-friendly doesn’t mean it can’t be used to drive camming traffic and new customers. If you start your YouTube channel under your performing name, it’ll build up name recognition. This is especially true if you’re doing adult-related stuff, such as sex toy reviews, twerking and safe-for-work teases, talking about your camming career, ect.

You’re able to link to other websites and social media accounts from your YouTube profile (consider keeping those links SFW) and people will find you on YouTube and simply Google your name, bringing up your website and other adult networks you belong to.


Express Your Opinions and Change The World

YouTube is a great outlet for voicing your opinion and getting it out to a lot of people. In addition to building up a bigger audience and starting to produce a mainstream income, you can also use YouTube to get out your opinion and drive the change that you want to see in the world. Something you don’t like? Rant about it. You want to see a specific candidate elected next election? Tell people why. You want to give an organization kudos for something they accomplished? Do it! YouTube can help you get your message out and inspire the change you want to see.


Interact With Fans Without Them Jerking Off

Imagine interacting with your fans and having them watching your content *WITHOUT* jerking off while they’re doing it. Anyone watching your YouTube content is legitimately interested in it and not looking for porn. Some models might prefer keeping the interaction adult-oriented, but there’s many more that would love to have that same interaction in a more mainstream environment.

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