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Make Money Camming On CamContacts

Interested in becoming a CamContacts webcam model? We’ve got all the information you need to know! CamContacts is one of the oldest camming sites still operating today. Please note: If you’re from the United States, the only way to receive CamContacts payouts is through Boleyn Models or by filing a business so that you can apply for a Paxum business account. Here’s everything else you need to know about becoming a CamContacts webcam model.


Quick Information:

  • Services: Camming
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender
  • Model Percentage: 50%
  • Cashouts: Paxum, Cosmo, ePayments, ePayServices
  • Payout Frequency: Bi-Weekly
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Regional Blocking: Yes
  • Affiliate Program: Yes
  • Studio Accounts: Yes


What’s Required To Get Started

The only real requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. All genders are welcome and anyone 18+ can make money camming on the site. It’s important to realize that the only way that USA models can receive payouts is through Boleyn Models. This is due to the payment processors not supporting the United States due to banking laws and regulations. There’s also some equipment requirements. Models will need the proper equipment as well. This includes a computer, webcam, high-speed internet and a place to perform.


How Much Money CamContact Models Make

The base model percentage for CamContacts is 50%. This means that the model gets half of the customers spendings, and the other half goes towards CamContacts for overhead and their profit margin. CamContacts also gives models an additional 30% on all new members referred to the site. Models get the 30% on all their token spendings, meaning they’ll get 80% when customers spend on them, and 30% of what they spend on other chat hosts.


Payouts: Cashout Options, Frequency and Min Payouts

CamContact pays out models every other week. The minimum payout is $100. Here are the supported cashout options:

  • Paxum
  • Cosmo Payment
  • ePayments
  • ePayServices

American models are not eligable for any of those e-wallets, but can still receive payments through Boleyn Models. Boleyn has a daily payout program where they consolidate the payouts from every site and offers cashouts via direct deposit.


Make Money From Video Chat

CamContacts is all about camming. There are different channels on the site, and some are softcore and others are hardcore. There’s also channels for males and transgender as well. It’s important to keep your shows within the theme of the category you’re broadcasting in. Failure to do that could get your account suspended.

Private Video Sessions: To start a private video session, simply indicate a private access code. This is a password that you set yourself (it can be different each time you have a private video session for different users), and you should give this password to the user who requested a private video session. Make sure that you give this password in a private message!

One2One Sessions: One2One sessions gives your visitors the option to have an exclusive and private session with you. No interruptions from anyone else. Exclusive privacy is the main difference between a One2One and open sessions.

Camming With Partners: You will need to add information about your girlfriend, boyfriend or friend to your existing Chathost account, if you are not the only one who goes online under your screen name.

Performing Under Multiple Names: Chathosts with a rating of 3 stars and higher can go online with a maximum of 2 screennames. Chathosts with a rating of 4 and higher can go online with a maximum of 3 screennames. Chathosts who are not rated, and chathosts with a rating lower than 3 stars, can go online with one screenname only.


Strip HiLo: Camming Game On CamContacts

CamContacts allows video chat hosts to play Strip HiLo, a game on the site. This is an adult service – it is important to remember that Chathosts should only make themselves available if they are prepared to take all their clothes off – full nudity / strip is required. Any Chathosts that do not feel comfortable with this should not make themselves available for adult strip games.

Strip HiLo Rules:

  1. You have to perform a full strip.
  2. Select your clothes correctly – list everything you are wearing, not more or less.
  3. Remove the clothes according to the messages you get during the game.
  4. As always, do not deceive or lie.


CamContacts Gifts

CamContacts Gifts are a great way for Viewers to show you their appreciation and for you to increase your earnings potential. CamContacts Gifts are virtual – they exist only in the world of CamContacts – and each Gift has a corresponding monetary value. When you receive a Gift from a Viewer during a video session you’ll see a message in the chat box telling you which Gift they chose for you and its value, and if a Viewer sends you a Gift outside a video session you’ll get a CCMail instead.


MyFabSite: Websites For CamContacts Models

myFabSite is the website where all of the Chathosts registered with CamContacts are able to tell the World a little more about themselves. If used effectively, it can also be a very powerful marketing tool that will allow you to earn extra money because, providing that you have used the correct link code, then you will earn up to 20% of the money spent by any Viewer that finds CamContacts as a result of coming from your site. Hosting your site on myFabSite is completely free – you just need to create the site and attract surfers to it, and CamContacts takes care of the rest!


CamSense: The CamContacts Affiliate Program

CamSense is the official affiliate program for CamContacts. The CamSense affiliate program is open for both models as well as webmasters. Models promoting through CamSense have the option of getting their affiliate income transfered to their CamContacts account for consolidated payouts. Promo tools include iframes, photo content and a whitelabeled site builder.


CamContacts Supports Studio Accounts

CamContacts supports studio accounts. With a studio account, it’s possible to register models under the studio. The studio works out a compensation arrangement with the studio models (could a percentage, salary, hourly or some other arrangement). The studio gets paid out directly and is responsible for paying out the studio models. Studios are expected to provide value to justify the model registering under the studio instead of independently. This could either be a physical location, promotion, consultation or a number of other services.


Signup For CamContacts Today!

Ready to get started with CamContacts? Signup today! (American models can register for Boleyn Models here) Getting started as a CamContacts webcam model is quick and easy. All genders are accepted and anyone can make money as a CamContacts chat host. There’s both explicit and non-nude channels available, for chat hosts that want to keep their clothes on. Plus features like their website builder, camming games and the referral bonus.

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