Do Camboys Need To Do Anal To Make Money?


Can Camboys Make Money Without Doing Anal?

During the Camboy AMA that Webcam Startup recently hosted, this was the single biggest question that was asked, primarily from men who were interested in getting into the adult industry, but not crazy about the thought of having to do anal. The answer is no, camboys and indie male pornstars do not have to do anal in order to be successful. Although it was also made clear that anal does not make you gay and you’re missing out (pleasure-wise as well as profit-wise) if you’re not doing anal.


Anal Toys Do Not Make You Gay

There’s a lot of insecurity in guys over anal, primarily because it’s viewed by society as a gay act. That is not necessarily the case, and many straight men and couples enjoy pegging and other anal acts. This is true in real-life sexuality, as well as in camming and producing clips. The taboo is slowly starting to go away (just look at how much the pegging fetish is growing) and perhaps in the near-future, there won’t be so much stigma around men doing anal.


Anal Can Be Very Enjoyable

Once you get past the insecurities around doing butt stuff, you might find that anal is very enjoyable. Many people, both male or female and straight our gay/lesbian get great pleasure out of anal toys and anal sex.


Anal Is Profitable

And of course, there’s the money factor. There are people out there looking for anal shows and clips. If you’re not offering anal, you’re missing out on these customers. Don’t let this make you think that you won’t be making money without doing anal. There’s plenty of other fetishes that you can cater to, which don’t involve doing anything with your ass. But you won’t be tapping into the anal fetish if you decide not to do it.


There’s Tons Of Fetishes That Don’t Involve Anal

When people think of porn, usually they think of the more vanilla stuff: Sex, solo masturbation, that sort of thing. There is a huge fetish market. In fact, fetish work is more profitable than vanilla work. This is primarily because all the tube sites are already saturated with free vanilla content, but not so much with fetish content. Because people can’t find it on the tubes for free, they’ve got to pay for it.

There are so many fetishes out there as well. Pretty much everything can be a fetish, and you never know what fetishes might best fit you and what you want to do in this industry. To learn more about the different kind of fetishes out there, check out our fetish section! It’s by no means a complete list (seriously, there’s too many fetishes to create a complete list) but it’s got some great resources on how to do clips and camming shows dedicated to specific fetishes, and we’re adding new fetish guides all the time!

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More Information For Male Pornstars

If you’re a male who’s interested in getting into camming, we’ve got the perfect guide for you. Our guide goes into all the details and requirements needed to get into the industry. The great thing about camming is that anyone 18+ can get started right away. There’s no hiring process, and instead it’s just an age verification process. Learn what it takes to make money as a camboy.

Learn More: Become A Camboy / Male Pornstar

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