Guide: How To Get Started As A Camboy (Make Money!)


Make Money As A Male Webcam Model

Are you interested in becoming a camboy? Getting started is quick and easy, and anyone can make money performing from home. The requirements are fairly basic, and there’s a good chance that you’ve got everything you need already. There is no hiring process, instead it’s an age-verification process. As long as you’re eighteen years old or older, you’ve got everything you need to get started. Here’s all the information on becoming a webcam model.


Don’t want the guide and just want to jump straight to the sites you can apply at? Here’s a list of camming and clip sites hiring male models.


What’s Required To Get Started

18 Or Older – The main requirement is that you must be eighteen years old or older. When applying for any of the camming sites, you’ll be required to present a valid form of government ID for age verification and documentation. All the sites are required to do this to stay compliant with federal law.

Computer – You’ll need a computer to run the camming software. For most networks, as long as the computer can run flash, it can run the camming software. Some networks require Windows, or a Windows emulator if you’re running iOS.

Webcam – An external HD webcam is highly recommended, and you’ll make money money with a better feed. Some networks require HD, while others usually rank HD broadcasters higher on the site. Many networks do allow models to get started with built-in webcams. If you go this route, it’s highly recommended that you upgrade ASAP.

High-Speed Internet – The greater the upload speed, the better your shows and the more money you’ll make. Although 2 mbps is the *BARE* minimum requirement, that is still insanely slow and it’s recommended having a much better upload speed than that. If you’re in a rural area, try doing things like using ethernet instead of wifi to increase the upload speed. If it’s still too slow, might consider other services, such as producing and selling content.

Toys, Outfits and Props – Although this isn’t a requirement, all these items help. Some fetishes might require specific things as well. It’s always nice to have a huge collection of all the above. This is all things that can be acquired over time.


How Much Male Webcam Models Make

Performance-Based Income – This is a very complex question with a very complex answer. Unlike traditional work, there is no set salary our hourly. Everything is performance-based. Webcam models either make money from private chat, which is charged per minute, or public chat, where money is made from tip games, tip goals or a tip menu. There’s great earning potential, but nothing is guaranteed. The people that put more into it, will generally get more out of it.

What Makes A Camboy Profitable – There’s a lot that goes into what makes a camming model profitable. It’s not all looks or penis size, either. Fetishes being catered to, quality of performances, size of the customer-base and attractiveness all play into what makes a performer profitable. Also, those that are better at promotion and know how to tap into all the different revenue-streams will generally make for a more profitable career.

Male Market Isn’t As Large – The male market isn’t as big as the female market, and therefore a lot more competitive. There’s a lot of money there, and luckily there’s less competition, but it’s still nothing like the female market. This makes promotion and exploring all sources of revenue that much more important.

How Much Camboys Make – A couple thousand per month is definitely feasible, and 5-figures per month is possible, but you’re going to have to work for it. The “1%” of male models are making good money (even enough to put them in the 1%), but that is the very top earners. There are plenty of people that try jumping into the industry, just to figure out it’s not for them. Not everyone finds success.

Video Tutorial: Basics of Becoming a Male Performer

Male performer Alec Hardy discusses what you need to get started, information you should probably know before you press record, and lets you know what your audience will most likely look like. This covers what you need for live webcamming, clip creation, and content creation as a male performer. Alec covers legal documents you will also need and some other legalities you will run into when you are a male performer.


Video Tutorial: Becoming a Cam Boy

Male performer Alec Hardy tells you what you need to become a male live webcam performer including going more in depth into the tech requirements, discussing the sites that he recommends in his experience as a live webcam performer as a man, what type of shows you should do as a male performer, fake orgasms and if they are necessary with tips on how to meet your financial goals with your cum conservation, and how to market your live webcam shows as a man.


Video Tutorial: Becoming a Male Content Creator

Alec Hardy gives you the rundown of tech requirements for a male content creator, lighting, tips for good audio, shooting multiple angles, legal things you should know when creating content, deciding what sites you use to upload your content to, uploading the content to cam sites too, types of content to shoot, ejaculation management, staying organized with a content calendar, the importance of staying consistent, and having a model release prepared if you decide to do collaborations.


Video Tutorial: Running an Adult Fanclub as a Male Performer

Alec Hardy lets you know the tech you will need for running your fanclub, discusses how fanclubs are usually mobile optimized but you can manage your fanclub from a smartphone or computer, the importance of some good lighting for creating content for your fanclub, the legal documents you’ll be signing to run your fanclub, sites that Alec recommends for male performers looking to start a fanclub, and scheduling and re-using content.


Video Tutorial: Using Tube Sites as a Male Performer

Alec Hardy lets you know the tech you will need for your tube site, marketing, getting verified, utilizing tube sites for boosting your links, using trends and keywords, and using tags and keywords to help boost your tube site content.


Video Tutorial: Collaborations as a Male Performer

Alec Hardy discusses collaborating in the adult industry as a male performer including: building a portfolio, networking, putting yourself out there so you have a positive reputation that is mutually beneficial for yourself and the collaborating performer, discussing your boundaries when collaborating, working with an agent/studio versus indie, finding people to shoot with, and waiting a certain amount of time to build credibility before reaching out for collaborations.


Do Camboys Have To Be Gay (Or Do Gay Stuff)

The answer is no, you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to do; straight or gay. That being said, a lot of your fans, customers and viewers are going to be gay. Also, if you’re running an affiliate program, you will most likely be promoted via gay sites, and there’s a chance that your tweets and other content might be shared via gay social media handles. So while you don’t have to do gay things, you will be catering to a gay audience.


Do Camboys Have To Do Anal?

No, camboys do not have to do anal. With webcam modeling, the models are able to decide what they do and don’t do. Whether or not you do anal is completely up to you. That being said, you’ll get a lot of requests to do anal content. By not doing anal, you’re really missing out and it’s something you should strongly consider.


Doing Anal Doesn’t Make You Gay

Although you don’t have to do “butt stuff” to get into the industry, it’s definitely something you should consider. One of the biggest hesitations from potential camboys / male pornstars is that toying your ass makes you gay. This is further from the truth. Not only that, but many camboys will tell you that anal is great, and if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out on revenue and a good time.


Do Camboys Need To Have A Big Penis?

You don’t need to have a large penis to make money as a camboy. In fact, “small penis” is an actual fetish. If you have a really small dick, that might be your key to success. But, if you’re not catering to the small penis fetish, having a large penis will definitely help. If you’re average, or even below average, don’t let that discourage you.


Performing With A Partner (Straight or Gay)

In addition to performing solo, it’s also possible to perform with a partner. There’s some networks that allow for boy/girl content, but not solo male or gay content. If you want to perform on these sites, performing with a female partner is the only way to do so. If you’re performing with another male model, you’re limited to the networks catering to solo male / gay. Those networks are listed below.

If you’re performing with a partner, they’ll have to get verified through the same process you had to. This is once again, something that all sites are required to do to stay compliant with the law. Once approved and you get the green light, they can start performing on cam with you.


Adult Camming Sites Hiring Male Webcam Models

Not all sites accept solo male models (as well as gay couples). There are some networks that only allow solo females or straight couples. Luckily, most sites do allow for male performers, and there’s still plenty of options to choose from. Linked-to below is a list of all the networks who accept male talent. We’ve got camming sites. clip sites, phone sex sites and other networks listed. The directory indicates whether they support solo male, straight couples or gay couples.


Camming Sites Hiring Male Models


Different Camming Show Types

There are different types of camming shows, and the various camming  shows earn in different ways. It’s also important to note that different sites specialize and/or support different types of camming shows. Here are general descriptions of the various show types:

Private Camming Shows: These shows are charged per minute. Pretty much every camming site supports private sessions. On sites that specialize in private shows, camboys will tease in public chat while waiting for a customer to request a private session.

Public Camming Shows: Public camming shows are performed publicly. There’s multiple ways that public shows can earn. This includes tip goals, tip menus and interactive sex toy “tip-to-vibe shows”. Keep in mind that some sites don’t allow public nudity or explicit sex acts in public chats, so if you want to do public shows, be sure to partner with a site that supports them.

Spy / Voyeur Shows: Spy shows are private shows that members can spy on. Members spying on private shows must pay an additional per-minute rate. This means that camboys will make the per-minute rate for the private, plus an additional per-minute for each additional member spying in on the shows.

Group Camming Shows: Group shows are private shows open for everyone. Everyone in the group show must pay the per-minute rate to be part of it.


Offering Adult Skype Shows

Another way camboys can make money from camming is through offering adult skype shows. Adult Skype shows are different from camming as they take place on Skype instead of the camming site. Because it’s off the network, the camboys are able to keep a greater percentage. This is great for indie webcam models that have their own regulars and can generate their own sales. If you’re not able to generate your own sales, network camming is definitely a better route, as the camming sites are highly trafficked, which will result in members finding your chatroom.


Sex Toys For Camboys

Sex toys are a great way to enhance the camming shows and make your camboy career more profitable. There’s tons of toys to choose from, ranging from buttplugs to fuck machines to interactive sex toys (which are really popular and profitable!) Here are some of the top sex toys that camboys should look into.

Lovense Hush: The Lovense Hush is an interactive buttplug that can interact with the tipping of compatible sites. The tips are small, but the tippers will have to constantly be tipping in order to keep the toy vibrating, so the tokens stack up quick! Keep in mind that Lovense is only supported by select camming sites.

We-Vibe Ditto: the We-Vibe Ditto is another interactive buttplug that can be used to host tip-to-vibe camming shows. We-Vibe supports different sites that Lovense, so if Lovense isn’t supported on your site, We-Vibe might be supported.

Geeky Sex Toys: If you’re looking for some fun and colorful ways to add some creativity to your camming shows, Geeky Sex Toys is the toy company for you! Geeky Sex Toys is fantasy themed, and parodies tons of series, ranging from Game of Thrones, to Star Wars, to Pokemon!


Promoting Your Camming Shows

The camming sites do a lot to drive their own traffic. This will result in your room naturally getting visitors and customers. That being said, it never hurts to do your own promotion. There’s a lot of ways to go about it. Social media is both easy and effective. Running your own website enables you to tap into search engine traffic. Building an email list, posting to forums and taking advantage of other adult sites can drive a lot of traffic to your chat room, and help build up your following and customer-base.

Learn More: How To Promote Adult Services


More Services Male Pornstars Can Offer


Selling Videos / Clips

In addition to camming, selling clips is another very popular and profitable service you can be offering. Many of the clip sites allow you to sell videos directly on the profile pages. In addition to selling clips via your camming site, you should also consider partnering with the adult clip sites. These sites specialize in video sales and has tons of paying traffic looking for clips.

The greatest thing about selling clips is that you do not have to be online and performing in order to generate revenue. The clip stores take care of all the transactions and delivery of the content. You simply have to upload and promote. Clip sites can also be used to generate camming customers. Many of the sites allow you to link directly to your camming profile, or at least to a Twitter account, which can be used to promote the shows, as well as the clips.


Become A Phone Sex Operator (PSO)

Although phone sex isn’t nearly as popular as it once was, there’s still money to be made with it. And thanks to the mobile revolution, phone sex has evolved a lot since the oldschool days of phone sex hotlines found in the last pages of a magazine. Now, in addition to calling, there’s also texting and apps that can be monetized.

As far as talking vs texting goes, talking is definitely way more profitable, as it’s charged by minute instead of by message. You’d have to text a lot to make decent money. On the other hand, texting is still a great way to keep up with your fans and followers, while making some auxiliary income in the process.


Premium Snapchat Subscriptions

Private Snapchat subscriptions are really hot and profitable right now. Customers love the ability to interact 1-on-1 with the camboys over a social network. The subscription-based model of premium Snapchat also makes it very lucrative. To give you an example; if you have 100 subscribers at $20/month, that’s $2,000 and minus the 25% network fee, comes out to $1,500 per month. Scale it up to 1,000 subscribers and it becomes $15,000 per month!

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