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Camazee Live Camming

Easily Integrate Live Camming Into Your Website or Blog

Camazee is a live streaming platform designed specifically for camming models. With Camazee, it’s very easy to get paid from live camming directly from your website. Camming from your website is a lot more proprietary than working on a camming site. You’re the only model featured and don’t have to compete with the other girls. Camazee also pays more than the industry standard for camming networks.

There’s tons of other advantages to having your own website. You’re able to take advantage of valuable search engine traffic. You’re also able to showcase the other services you offer, the content you’ve got for sale and more. Having your own website can be insanely profitable, and every professional model should have their own web presence.

Here’s all the details on Camazee, and how to go about building a website you can integrate the platform into.


Camazee Is 100% Free – Make 80% Of All Tips (After Processing Fees)

Camazee Payout Percentage

Camazee is 100% free to get started with. You will need a website to embed the feed into, however. Websites are incredibly inexpensive, however. Only about $10-ish annually for the domain name, and under $10 for basic web hosting. By having a website, you’ll be able to tap into valuable search engine traffic. By doing this, your website should easily bring in more money than you’re investing into it. Therefore, the hosting and domain registration expenses is completely justified by the traffic and increased profits.

Camazee has a 10% payment processing fee. after the fee, it’s an 80/20 split. Models keep 80% of all revenue. That comes out to 72%, which is way above the industry standard. It’s also more proprietary. You’re not competing with all the other models on the network. However, you’re also going to be responsible for driving your own traffic and sales.

Simply Copy The Embed Code Into Your Website Or Blog

Camazee Embed

Adding Camazee to your website or blog is incredibly easy. Simply copy and paste the embed code provided to you. Wherever you enter your embed code, Camazee will appear on your site. If you’re running a WordPress site, there’s also a plugin that makes it even easier to use Camazee.


Easily Add Camazee To WordPress Sites

If you’re looking for a platform to integrate Camazee into, WordPress is a great platform to consider. WordPress is insanely easy to use, the platform is free and it’s got an insanely large 3rd party developer community. We’ve got a great guide to building WordPress sites that will tell you everything you need to know to get started. Adding your Camazee feed is as simple as copy / pasting the code into a page for your chatroom. There’s even a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to access the embed code and go online.

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Broadcast From Multiple Sites (Anywhere Embed Code Is Placed)

If you’ve got different websites or blogs, you can broadcast simultaneously from any of them. Anywhere your embed code is placed, your live feed will show up. This means Camazee can be added to multiple pages on the same website, or onto any number of websites. Got a blog separate from your website? What about someone else’s website that you’re featured on? Broadcasting on multiple websites will increase your chatroom traffic and earn you more money.


Also Share A Link To Your Chatroom On Camazee

In addition to integrating Camazee into your website or blog, you’re also provided a link to your chatroom on Camazee. This is great for models that don’t have a website, but still want to take advantage of the high payout for Camazee models. Although you can share a link, it is highly suggested that you integrate Camazee into a website instead. It looks more professional, propriety and you’re able to showcase the other services you offer on your site.


Also Broadcast Over ModelNet Sites

In addition to broadcasting through your own website, you’re also able to broadcast over all the ModelNet sites as well. ModelNet is a technology platform powering over 20 camming sites across the globe. One of the innovative features of ModelNet is the ability to feature camming models on different sites, increasing the revenue for the entire network. Camazee models must reach out to support in order to be added to the ModelNet network. Being added to the ModelNet network will greatly increase the number of people in your chatroom and your overall revenue.


Smartphone App For Camazee / ModelNet Models

Camazee also has a smartphone app. The mobile app is available for both Android and IOS. With the Camazee app, you’re able to brodacast live from your mobile device. Any messages that are left in your chat while you’re either online or offline will also be displayed within the mobile app, making it easier to keep up with your fans.


Ready To Get Started? Signup With Camazee Today!

Ready to get started with Camazee? Signup today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can be broadcasting in no time. Simply signup for an account, submit a photo ID for age verification and copy the embed code into your site. Broadcasting is done through the Camazee dashboard. Once you go live, your webcam feed will appear wherever you’ve got it embedded at.

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