CAM4 Profile Design and Customization


Creating Custom CAM4 Bio / Profile Pages

CAM4 is a popular camming site, that also allows models to customize their profile pages with images, text and other elements. In addition to the customized images, the CAM4 bio will also display model information, any video content available for sale on the site and more. Here’s all the information on the CAM4 profile page and how to create a customized CAM4 profile.


Adding Social Media Profiles

CAM4 allows performers to add social media accounts and links to their profiles. This is a great way to use CAM4 to build up your social media following. Having a following is important for a number of reasons. It enables you to promote products and services that you might be offering on other sites, as well as letting your social media followers know when you’re going online on CAM4.

Social Media Sites Supported:

  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • MySpace


Selling Videos and Promo Photos and Videos

CAM4 profiles can also feature both videos and photo content. This can make for some great promotional content, as well as a revenue stream. The great thing about selling content is that you can make money even while offline, or while in a private with someone else other than the purchaser of the videos. This creates a completely new income stream, separate from your camming income.


Sex Questionnaire

The Sex Questionnaire is a fun thing that you can add to your CAM4 bio. You can answer all the questions, or only the questions you’d like to answer. Here are the predefined questions available:

  • Do you enjoy cyber-sex?
  • Do you use sex toys?
  • Do you enjoy oral sex?
  • Do you enjoy anal sex?
  • Do you enjoy porn movies?
  • Are you interested in sex with multiple partners?
  • Do you enjoy BDSM?
  • What other types of sex are you interested in?
  • What is your favorite sexual fantasy?
  • What do you look for in a sexual partner?
  • Who is the one person you would most like to have sex with?


Wishlists Featured On CAM4 Profile

If you wish to add a wishlist to your CAM4 profile, that is supported. Currently, CAM4 supports wishlists from the following e-commerce sites:


Bio: Customizable Text and Images

CAM4 also supports bios with customizable text and images. CAM4 gives models a text editor to use to build the bio. The text can be edited and styled directly in the editor. Images will have to be designed with a program, hosted to the internet, and then inserted into the editor. There’s plenty of free hosting services to choose from. If there’s any NSFW content in the images, just make sure that the platform allows adult.


Xnite Productions: Camgirl Live editor

Camgirl Live Editor: CAM4 Bio Designer

If you’re looking for a platform for creating custom visual CAM4 bios, Camgirl Live Editor is a platform designed specifically for that. The editor comes with multiple templates to choose from, and makes it easy to customize the templates to suit your needs. In addition to CAM4, the Camgirl Live Editor also supports templates for MyFreeCams, Chaturbate, CamSoda and NiteFlirt

Learn More: Camgirl Live Editor – Visual Camming Site Profiles


More Information On CAM4

Interested in becoming a CAM4 webcam model? You can either signup here or learn more about CAM4 by checking out the link below. CAM4 is a popular camming site with great traffic and features. In addition to live camming, also make money from clip sales and fanclub subscriptions. CAM4 is one of the few networks that also supports custom visual profiles and multiple social media links, making your chatroom stand out and giving you the chance to promote multiple networks.

Learn More: Become A CAM4 Webcam Model

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