Cam-Splitting and Fake Privates: Camming Sites That Allow It


Camming Sites That Support Splitting / Fake Privates

Camgirls are able to make extra income from their private shows through spy / voyeur shows. Many networks offer spy shows. Some of the networks also support something called “fake privates”. The great thing about fake privates, is that you’re able to take advantage of spy / voyeur shows on one site, while you’re doing a private show on other sites. This is done with cam-splitting software and the use of fake privates.


What Is Cam-Splitting?

Cam-splitting is used to perform on multiple sites at the same time. This is done through special splitting software. Most models use cam-splitting to sit in public on multiple sites, waiting for a private. This gains more exposure from being featured on multiple sites.


What Is A Fake Private?

Fake privates are where you’re able to “go to private” without an actual private session going on. There are multiple uses for fake privates. Sometimes customers are more likely to go to a spy show than book a private, as it’s cheaper. Since multiple people can spy on a show, sometimes it’s more profitable than sitting in public chat, waiting for someone to book a private session.

Another use for fake privates is what we’re discussing in this article: Splitting to sites that allow fake privates, when you get a private session on a different camming site.


Camming Sites Supporting Fake Privates



Splitting to BongaCams

BongaCams is a popular camming site, with some of the best global traffic. Especially when it comes to the USA, Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe. BongaCams also allows both cam-splitting as well as fake privates. This means that when you get a private show on another site, you can go to fake private and make money off any spy shows you might get on BongaCams.

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Splitting to Streamate

Streamate is a very popular private-based camming site. Streamate also allows their models to split-cam, and take advantage of the fake private feature for the site. You’ll make additional profits off anyone who spies on your Streamate show, while you’re performing a private session on another site.

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Splitting to MongoCams

MongoCams is another camming site that allows for cam-splitting and fake privates. In fact, that is probably the only reason to even consider this site. If you’re not planning on using it this way, there’s many better sites to choose from. But, if you’re trying to get as much extra spy / voyeur traffic as general, this is definitely a site you can do that on.

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SoulCams: Hidden Cam Mode / Spy Shows

SoulCams is a camming site with a feature known as “Hidden Cam Mode”. While splitting to SoulCams with hidden cam mode activated, users can spy into your camming show. You’re able to set SoulCams to Hidden Cam Mode when you get a private on another site, and make addition revenue from anyone spying in on the private being performed on anther site.

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