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Compare The Different Places To Buy Sex Dolls

Interested in buying a sex doll? This directory will help you compare the different sex doll online stores out there and find the one that’s right for you. See what type of dolls are available, as far as genders and material (silicon vs TPE). Not in the market for the complete sex doll, but trying to save money by only buying a torso or vagina? We’ve got that information as well.


Shop For Sex Dolls:

Site Female Male Torso TPE Silicon
Sex Dolls USA Yes No No Yes No
Sexy Real Sex Dolls Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Silicon Sexy Doll Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Silicon Wives Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Madam Dolly Yes No Yes Yes Yes


Sex Doll Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a great way to save money on your sex doll. Here are some coupon codes we’ve got available, along with the savings it’ll get you:
Madam Dolly: Use coupon code “webcamstartup” to save $50 off the entire order. No limitations or restrictions.
Sexy Real Sex Dolls: Use coupon code “WEBCAMDOLL” to save 10% off the entire order. Order must be $1,000 or more.


How Expensive Are Sex Dolls?

The prices of sex dolls can vary drastically. This is based on the material, as well as the quality. Pricing can range anywhere from $1,000 to over $8,000. TPE dolls are less expensive than silicon, and they’re also more flexible and life-like. Silicon is a stronger material though, and requires less maintenance. For those on a budget, you can get the torso or just the ass for much less. Something around a couple hundred.


Material Comparison: TPE VS Silicon

There are two main materials that sex dolls are made out of: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and silicon. There are many differences between these two materials, explained below:

Pricing: TPE sex dolls are a lot more affordable than silicon sex dolls.

Flexibility: TPE is a lot more flexible than silicon. This means TPE dolls can support crazier positions than silicon sex dolls.

Firmness / Squishiness: Silicon is a lot more firm and TPE is a lot more squishy. This means that TPE feels more life-like, especially the breasts and ass.

Temperature Tolerance: TPE should not be exposed to temperatures over 104º. Although this shouldn’t be an issue for most people, you definitely don’t want to leave a TPE doll in a hot car or any other extreme-heat conditions.

Porous Material: TPE is more porous than silicon is. This means that TPE is more likely to stain (dyes from clothes and other stains) than silicon is. TPE also stores humidity due to it’s porous material, meaning that it’s harder to dry out during cleaning and if not maintained right, might get moldy.


Prebuilt and Customized Sex Dolls

When shopping for sex dolls, you’ve got two options: You can either buy a prebuilt sex doll or customize your own. For customized sex dolls, there’s tons of options to choose from. This includes the head / face, hair, eyes, body type, bust size, removable or built-in pussy, different mouth / tongue options, the list goes on.

For some people, all these options might be overwhelming, and it might be easier to shop around until they find the sex doll that is right for them. In this case, it might make more sense to go prebuilt. In addition to not being overwhelmed by decisions without knowing exactly what the finished doll will look like, prebuilt dolls ship faster. That is because they don’t have to be custom built by the factory. Because they don’t have to be custom built, prebuilt dolls are also usually cheaper than custom dolls. Especially if you’re able to find the perfect doll on sale / clearance.


Free Discrete Shipping

Free shipping is status quo when purchasing a sex doll. The dolls are also shipped in discrete boxes that give no indication that the item being delivered is a sex doll. Delivery time depends on a number of factors. This ranges from whether or not the doll is currently in stock, whether it’s pre-built or customized and the location of the purchaser, manufacturer or retailer.


Female, Male and Transgender Sex Dolls Available

It’s possible to get male, female and transgender sex dolls. The directory above will demonstrate whether or not the online store supports male sex dolls. Transgender sex dolls are a little bit different: The penis is purchased separately, and is compatible with female sex dolls that have removable vaginas. Simply insert the penis attachment in place of the vagina.


Sex Dolls Vs Sex Robots

In addition to sex dolls, it’s also possible to acquire sex robots now. Sex robots are fairly new and gaining a lot of media attention. The difference between them? Sex robots have electronics in them which allow them to blink, talk and move. It’s also possible to have a conversation with them, and they’ll remember things. Some robots are even programmed to ‘not be in the mood’, if that’s something you’re into.

If you want to get a sex robot, you’ll be spending a lot more money. Roughly $15,000 as an entry-price, to be exact. For those with the money that want the extra features, it’s something to consider. For many, this is definitely outside of the budget. Especially when contrasting that $15,000 to some of the $2,000-ish TPE sex dolls.

Sex robots are still an emerging technology. It’s fair to speculate that eventually, sex robots will go down as price, even if slightly. It’s also fair to speculate that as the technology advances, these robots will become a lot more sophisticated and intelligent.


Buying Sex Doll Torsos

don’t want to buy the entire sex doll? Consider purchasing just the torso instead. There’s many companies that sell sex toy torsos (many listed above). There are both male and female sex toy torsos. Whether you’re using them for clips, or for personal use, a lot of times the torso is all you need. It’s also a lot more affordable than it is to purchase the entire sex doll.


Where To See A Sex Doll In Person

Want to check out a sex doll before you buy it? There’s plenty of shops that carry dolls. If there’s a local sex shop with dolls in stock, that’s going to be your best bet. Otherwise, it might be worth checking out one of the adult industry expos. There’s tons of shows going on all across the United States (and the world for that matter) and often times there will be sex doll vendors attending these events.

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