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Here is a list of the various business solutions that we’ve got available. Most of the solutions we’ve got available are 100% free of charge. In fact, the directory listings is really the only service that we require some sort of referral agreement for. The rest of the solutions? All offered 100% free of charge. Here is what we offer, and here are the assets we’re working with.


Blogging / Content Strategy (Free!)

We will never charge to feature content on our blog. That being said; we also post things at our own discretion. We also only feature unique content. When a press release is submitted to us, if it is something we want to feature, we will work it into a unique blog post. This is primarily for two reasons;

  1. The SEO value
  2. To make it feel less press release-ish and give it a little bit of our voice

There’s no limits to the type of content strategy that we can work out. Feel free to pitch us on any ideas you may have. Some things that work great are:

  • Comprehensive Write-Up For Product / Brand
  • Anything “Newsworthy”
  • Contests
  • New Features
  • Interviews
  • Tips / Tricks Specific To Your Site / Brand

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to that. Shoot us an email and we’ll see what we can brainstorm. We’ve also got a lot of existing pieces of content that are getting great traffic. If it makes sense, we can always plug your brand on those pages as well.


Directory Listing (Premium)

The directories is the only thing that we require some sort of compensation for. We’ve tried direct-buy in the past, and the one thing about that is someones always getting under-compensated. For that reason, we are highly partial to performance-based. If you’ve got an existing affiliate program, great. We’re ready to get started. If not; we’ll have to talk some things out. In certain cases, we will offer direct-buy, but we’re really hesitant to go that route.

We’ve got two types of directories; the main directories and the “longtail directories”.

Main Directories:

Longtail Directories:


Weekly Podcast / Live Hangout (Free!)

We also host a weekly live hangout series. This takes place each Wednesday at 6 PM EST. The original hangout is held live on YouTube. Each episode also has it’s own page on the blog, and gets included in the podcast category. After the live hangout, the video files are uploaded to Vimeo and Facebook. The audio file is used to create a podcast, which can be found in iTunes and other major podcast directories. The audio file is also uploaded to SoundCloud. All episodes are shared across social media.

There are several ways that companies can partner with Webcam Startup on the podcast series.

An Episode Dedicated To Your Brand

Have your brand featured on an episode. After we go through the Week In Review segment at the beginning of the show, the rest of the episode will be dedicated to your brand. Keep in mind, that participants on the show will be giving honest thoughts and opinions, as well as asking serious questions. It’s best to have all the talking points down before coming on the show. It’s also important to “honest thoughts and opinions” might not always be 100% positive.

Join The Hangout As A Guest (Not The Featured Topic)

You don’t have to be the feature of the show to jump on our podcast / live hangout. You or a representative of your company can always jump on the hangout with the rest of us, and just talk shop about the industry. Anyone jumping on is able to give themselves shameless plugs at the introduction and when they leave the show. We don’t mind people plugging their products or services during the show, as long as it’s in a tasteless fashion and doesn’t derail conversation.

Sponsor Our Podcast Series

Sponsorship isn’t something we’ve been actively pursuing, but it is something we’d be willing to talk about. What a possible sponsorship opportunity might look like? There are plenty of possibilities and nothing is off the table.


Our Traffic / Followings

Website Traffic Available Upon Request

The site traffic, as well as traffic for particular pages is available upon request, and to potential partners that appear legit enough to share such sensitive information.

Email Marketing List (1,800 Recipients)

2/10/2018 – Our email marketing list is hovering around 1,800 recipients. All recipients are double opt-in. We send out a weekly Week In Review email, containing a digest of all new content published to Webcam Startup. There is possible advertising opportunity within the weekly email, and we can always send a stand-alone email on behalf of an advertiser.

Twitter Following (1,700 Followers)

2/10/2018 – We have a Twitter following of 1,700 followers. Our Twitter is fairly active, especially to content that has major appeal to the performer community.

Facebook Page (412)

2/10/2018 – We have a Facebook page with 412 likes. Due to the fact that Facebook is not adult-friendly, our Facebook isn’t nearly as active as our Twitter account.