BongaCams SpyGasm Season 1 Officially Launches


SpyGasm by BongaCams Officially Launches

BongaCams, a global leader in camming, has officially launched SpyGasm. SpyGasm is a new voyeur house series taking place in Europe. Earlier in the summer, BongaCams opened up the application process for potential models interested in being part of the spy house. The first batch of models have been selected and moved into the official BongaCams / SpyGasm voyeur house. In addition to having everything all-inclusive, the models are also competing for the grand prize of a luxury apartment. Here’s all the details of the first season of SpyGasm.


Current Participants:

Here’s the current participants as of writing this. Please note: Participants will change as the series progresses, so this list might be dated. To see who’s currently part of the SpyGasm apartment, check out the site and the voyeur cams!


Apartment 1:

Couple 1 Sasha & Dasha

Over here lives Sasha with his girlfriend Dasha. Sasha is full of energy, likes volleyball, skateboarding and expects new memorable impressions from the project. Energetic blond Dasha can’t imagine her life without art, she loves dancing and photography. You just need to look at this couple for a second to realize innocence is just a sauce for the main dish of insatiable thirst for erotic adventures! Trust us, they have a lot to surprise you with!

Solo 1 Aleksa

A charming owner of a killer body and a cute face – Aleksa is quite the playful pussy cat. She is in the modeling business and loves electronic music. During the project, she would like to try the role of a ruthless dominatrix. Aleksa is a bisexual and can’t wait for you to lay your dirtiest desires at her feet!

Solo 2 Ally

Beautiful Ally is an extremely versatile girl. Stand-up, yoga, dancing, singing, scriptwriting – this list can be continued indefinitely. This cutie is not shy in any way, and that’s why it’s always a pleasure to watch her! During the project, Ally wants to become a sex instructor that will realize any fantasies of her audience.


Apartment 2:

Couple 1 Russel & Irina

In these apartments, you will find a chill couple of Russell and Irina. Irina loves vigorous dancing and photo art, while her boyfriend is into design and making videos. The girl’s slender body and marble skin drive her lover crazy with desire every time! The couple admits they are big fans of erotic massage, foot play and fisting!

Couple 2 Valens & Stacy

The lascivious couple in this apartment are Valens and Stacy. The guys like to play sports and actively spend time indulging into erotic entertainment and games. Young Stacy likes to listen to music and watch movies, especially comedies and horrors. Ripped Valens has some experience as an actor and is always ready to play the role of an insatiable lover. Watch the inhabitants of this apartment get off on their new sensations!


Apartment 3:

Solo 1 Devils Kos

Fancy Devils Kos refers to himself as a god of anal sex! He loves nice cars, porn and charming girls, each one of whom, in his opinion, is a promise of unique sexual experience. From the project, Devils Kos expects plenty of erotic adventures and bottomless fun!

Solo 2 Tanya

Positive and bright Tanya visits exhibitions, loves poetry, bicycle rides and experiments in the bedroom. This project is an exciting kind of experience for her. The sleazy brunette with a scrumptious butt is ready to make your sauciest fantasies come true, giving you endless pleasurable moments!

Couple 1 Max & Leksa

Max and Leksa are a bright and insatiable couple in every way! Beautiful Leksa loves fitness, dancing and good music! But she especially likes to sample dishes cooked by her beloved Max. Not only is this guy an awesome cook, he’s also a sportsman! The guys fight quite a bit, but this makes their relationship even stronger.


Apartment 4:

Solo 1 Eugene

Eugene calls himself a sex aristocrat, he loves rock’n’roll and virtual sex. For this participant there are no lines and taboo areas, as he really digs all and any dirty pleasures! Eugene says: “Do not try to change, be who you are” – and you know what, he’s damn right!

Solo 2 Den

If it wasn’t for Den’s shyness, he could be mistaken for a rock star. The guy likes to ride his motorcycle, loves rock concerts and plays drums. He views the project as an opportunity to overcome his complexes and gain more confidence! Den dreams of trying anal sex – a real fantasy of a true rock-n-roller!

Solo 3 Megan

Beauty, sexuality and sweetness – petite babe Megan combines everything you could dream about! She loves creativity, working on herself and experimenting both in life and in relationships. This extraordinary and cheerful person is ready for any sexual feats that occur to her!


Apartment 5:

Couple 1 Zorg & Kriss

Zorg is a huge movie enthusiast, likes to take photos and can’t survive without extreme in the bedroom. Kriss loves to draw, write poems and learn new things, be that languages or horseback riding. You just can’t get bored with her, as this hot dark-haired girl loves everything dirty and sexy! Zorg and Kriss, without a shade of embarrassment, admit that their first sex was virtual. The couple still never misses the chance to indulge in the joy of virtual lovemaking!

Couple 2 Seb & Kira

Seb and Kira are masters of intellectual and erotic games! There is no happy middle ground for them – they strive to be first in everything. Kira is hiding behind the mask of a good girl, but in reality she’s quite the little devil. She likes books and painting, while Seb has too many hobbies, although sexual mischief with his beautiful babe always remains a priority.


Apartment 6:

Couple 1 Wolf & Jane

This apartment will become a sex testing ground for a couple with no complexes – Wolf and Jane. Wolf loves sports, cars and the beautiful dark-haired Jane. And she dreams of traveling the world, enjoys fitness and leads an active lifestyle. During the project, the guys want to diversify their sex life and try new kinds of kinky games!

Couple 2 Nick & Milly

You won’t find another couple as relaxed and insatiable as Nick and Milly. Guys admit with zero embarrassment that they are ready to have sex with other participants, including group sex. Nick arranges social events, and in his spare time becomes a master of tea ceremonies. His girl Milly is a creative nature – she likes to write and take pictures. There is no such word as “boredom” in this couple’s vocabulary.


Apartment 7:

Couple 1 Romeo & Vicky

Here you can watch the seductive couple of Romeo and Vicky. Romeo can’t live without velocity and adrenaline – this guy is very keen on motorcycling and underwater hunting. Miniature Vicky has a wealth of interests: she likes to cook, draw, sing, dance and help animals. The young participants admit they love traveling together, hot sex and having fun with sex toys!

Couple 2 Mike & Ashley

The incredibly attractive couple of Mike and Ashley can’t go long without steamy shows! Ashley is a real beauty with a good sense of humor. She and her boyfriend Mike have many hobbies in common: dancing, sports, singing and surely sex – this is something they are particularly keen on. Amazingly, they seem to share a common sexual fantasy involving fisting!


Apartment 8:

Couple 1 James & Stella

The sexual tandem of James and Stella are expecting an adrenaline rush and extreme sensations from the project! James dedicates his free time to active recreation and picnics, while Stella enjoys acing new recipes and watching intriguing TV shows. As for sex, these two like getting rough.


Free and Premium Spy Cams In All Rooms

There are spy cams installed in pretty much every room of the eight different apartments being used for the series. Most of these feeds are free and public for everyone. If you want to catch all of the hottest action, such as the bedroom cams, you’ll need a premium SpyGasm account.


Recorded Videos / Highlights For Premium Members

For premium SpyGasm members, there’s also recorded videos available. These are sexy highlights from the spy cams that are worth cutting down to individual clips. For non-premium members, the first nine seconds of the video will be available as a teaser preview.


Weekly Top Apartment Bonus – €1,000

Each week, the different apartments have the chance to compete with each other over a weekly bonus of €1,000! Points are accumulated through tokens, gifts and donations. At the end of the week, the totals are tallied up and the winner of the bonus is announced. There’s a contest page that shows the current rankings of each apartment and the remaining time before the contest ends.


Keep Up With The Drama Through The Blog

Fear of missing out on the drama that occurs within the houses? You can keep up with all that via the SpyGasm blog! The blog is regularly updated with announcements such as fights, break-ups and new roommates, new participants and people leaving SpyGasm.


Promotions Available For SpyGasm Fans

SpyGasm is running several promotions for fans. These include free credits and updated accounts. Here’s what is currently available:

  • Welcome Bonus: Get 10 credits simply by creating a free account
  • Free Premium Account: 3 days free premium account with first token purchase
  • Premium Bonus: Get 20 credits after upgrading to premium


Webmasters: Got Traffic? SpyGasm Has Opportunities

If you’ve got traffic, SpyGasm might be interested in buying it. There’s no official traffic / affiliate program for SpyGasm, but they’re working with webmasters on an individual basis. If you’ve got good cam traffic and are interested in discussing it further with SpyGasm, used the form located under the Sell Traffic link.


Interested In Becoming A Participant?

Although the participants for the first batch have already been chosen, it’s still possible to apply for future openings available. You can apply here. Participants get to stay in an all-inclusive apartment during the series, with an earning potential of up to €10,000 per month! Participants are also battling for the grand prize of a luxury apartment in either Miami or Spain!

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