BongaCams Hires Lawyer: Helps Models Remove Recorded Videos

BongaCams DMCA Lawyer

BongaCams Hires Lawyer For DMCA Take Down Requests

BongaCams has announced a very exciting new feature for their models and studios. BongaCams has hired an in-house lawyer for removing stolen content from 3rd party sites. Pirated content is a major issue for all adult stars. People will record your live shows and steal the videos you’ve got for sale. This content then gets added to tube sites, torrent sites and shared over social media. This is not only a privacy concern, but it also effects the model’s profits. If people can get your content for free, there’s less incentive for them to purchase it.

The BongaCams attorney will help you get that content removed. This is done through submitting DMCA takedown requests. It’s good to use a DMCA service (such as the one BongaCams provides) . When submitting a DMCA request, it’s required to use your real name and address. This poses a privacy concern. Pirates have also used this information as blackmail against camming models before, threatening to expose their real identity. By using a DMCA service, it’s their name and address on the form instead of yours. Pirates also know that DMCA service-providers mean business and knows some other tactics outside of DMCA letters alone.


Access The DMCA Lawyer Directly Through The BongaCams Model Area

BongaCams makes it insanely easy to access the DMCA lawyer. BongaModels, the BongaCams model / studio area has a contact form built in. Simply navigate to the lawyer area from the dashboard and send in your request to remove the content. BongaCams will follow-up with you and work on getting the stolen content removed!


Not Already A BongaCams Model? Get Started Today!

Not already a BongaCams model? Register today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can get started in no time! BongaCams is one of the world’s most popular camming site, with great traffic from the USA, Russia, Eastern Europe and more. BongaCams accepts female, male, transgender, couples and group accounts. BongaCams also accepts studios. Take advantage of their DMCA services and all the other cool BongaCams features. Get started now!

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Learn More About DMCA Protection

There’s tons of tools and information out there for camgirls and adult performers. Learn what other sites help models with DMCA takedowns, and what other tools are available. Manage your own in-house DMCA monitoring and takedowns, or find the companies that can assist you in the process.

DMCA Information For Webcam Models


More Ways To Fight Piracy

Although DMCA is one of the more effective methods of fighting piracy, but there’s many more tools at your disposal. And sometimes, DMCA doesn’t work. This is due to sites being hosted in countries that don’t honor Western intellectual property laws. When that’s the case, one must go above and beyond DMCA to fight piracy.

How Camming Models Can Fight Piracy


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