BongaCams DMCA Information (Getting Stolen Shows Removed)


What DMCA Services BongaCams Offers Their Models / Studios

BongaCams is a popular camming site, and one of the few that go ‘above and beyond’ when it comes to DMCA. While most networks will only send out takedown notices to the infringing webmaster, BongaCams employs a lawyer that will submit takedown notices to multiple locations, such as search engines and web hosts. Here’s all the details on BongaCam’s DMCA services.


DMCA Takedown Requests To Infringing Websites

This is status-quo for anyone advertising¬†DMCA Services. The infringing website / party is the thing you do. If it’s about a specific piece of user-uploaded content (Pornhub, for example) this is generally a very common process and the content generally gets removed fairly quickly.

If the infringing party is a foreign-based pirate site, this might not be quite as easy or effective. Often times, these sites will blatantly ignore any DMCA takedown requests. When this happens, more creative and extreme tactics will need to be applied.

It’s best that performers let the network (or a DMCA specialist) submit the takedown notices. This is due to the fact that contact information must be included on the documents, and a performer runs the risk of getting personal information released if it’s the performer’s information contained on the notices.



Getting URLs Removed From Google / Other Search Engines

BongaCams has stated that if a performer forwards them links to pages where stolen content can be found in search, or through any other Google products, they’ll get it removed. Google (and products such as YouTube, Blogspot, ect) is one of the most-used ways to find stolen content. Getting that content removed from Google makes it much harder to find and access stolen content, and greatly lowers the impact of piracy.

There’s many reasons why a performer would want a camming site to get that content removed on their behalf. The main reason is due to privacy concerns. This process requires the copyright holder to provide contact information. This creates a paper trail connecting you to your adult work. When BongaCams submits these requests, it’s their contact information being used, which mitigates the privacy concerns.

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Submitting DMCA Notices To Web Hosts

BongaCams stated that they will escalate issues to the web host, if the infringing site is harvesting content in a very structured and strategic method.



(At Times) Will Reach Out To Affiliate Networks About Problem Sites

BongaCams stated that at times they will resort to reaching out to affiliate networks about infringing webmasters. It sounded like this wasn’t a commonly practiced method, but something that they have used in the past and would apply against a big enough webmaster.



More Information On BongaCams

BongaCams is a leading camming site with great traffic, pay and features. World-class DMCA protection is only one of the reasons to consider BongaCams. The camming site is open to all genders; female, male, transgender and even couple accounts. In addition to making money camming, performers can also sell content directly from the profile pages. All the BongaCams features can be found using the link below.

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More Information On DMCA / Anti-Piracy

Piracy is one of the major issues facing the adult industry. Stolen content removes the incentive for people to purchase. It’s an even bigger issue for independent models, as they have to worry about privacy issues and other things that a company normally wouldn’t be concerned about. Luckily, there’s a lot that performers can do to fight internet piracy.

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