Boleyn Models Overview and Review by Katy Churchill

Boleyn Models

Boleyn Models: A Model-Centered Online Studio

Disclosure: Katy Churchill has been paid to write articles for the Boleyn Models blog in the past, and is signed up with several sites through Boleyn Models at the time of writing this.

Most cam models are wary of online or “virtual” studios and with good reason! While physical webcam studios provide tangible support such as high speed internet, computer equipment, and decorated cam spaces, online studios often have little evidence that they provide any benefit over signing up directly with a cam site. Many claim to offer promotion and training that turns out to be of very little value (anyone can tweet out a link, after all), have draconian contracts that severely limit a model’s options, and take a healthy cut of a model’s income for their limited services.

With the questionable business practices of companies like ICAMZ and InternetModelling resulting in hundreds of horror stories about models stuck in a studio that takes a high percentage of their earnings in exchange for nothing, legitimate companies like Boleyn Models struggle to shed the tarnished reputation of “online studio”.


What Does Boleyn Models Offer?

  • Simple contracts with no hourly minimums, no waiting periods after leaving the studio, and easy transfers in and out of the studio (for most sites–some sites limit the number of transfers you can do).
  • Daily payout of all earnings.
  • Payment aggregation–you don’t have to make a site’s payout minimum for Boleyn Models to pay out your earnings for that site
  • Boleyn Models staff can help you with bank forms for income verification (for loans, mortgages, etc), government paperwork (US only), and tax issues (US only).
  • Site-specific bonuses, including their weekly Streamate bonus, which doubles your lowest-earning day.
  • Higher payout percentages for models with multiple sites under Boleyn Models, as well as for models consistently earning above a certain dollar value on some sites.
    Pay advance loans.
  • Troubleshooting for technical issues with streaming.


How I Use Boleyn Models

I’ve been working under Boleyn Models for over three years now, and I’ve used them in a variety of ways in that time.

Better payout options: When living in the UK, some sites would only pay by cheque (which took forever) or international wire transfer (which came with really high payout minimums and expensive fees). Boleyn Models offers both FirstChoicePay and Paxum for international models, both of which were better options for me at the time.

Payments for my “side sites”: I have a few content sites where uploading videos I already have is quick and easy, but I don’t always make enough in their pay periods to qualify for payout every time. Boleyn Models pays out your earnings without requiring you to make minimums on each individual site. There are minimums for payout ranging from $12-20 depending on the payout method, but that amount is cumulative across all the sites you have under Boleyn Models.

Emergency money: When life throws you something unexpected, getting paid daily can be a life saver. I recently wound up with a big emergency vet bill that drained my bank account just a week before rent was due. Pulling a few camathon days on sites I had with Boleyn Models meant I could pay my rent, which was a huge relief at a time where I was already plenty stressed about my accident-prone furball.


Boleyn Model Fees

Like other online studios, Boleyn Models charges for their services. They take a fixed percentage of your earnings (at rates that vary slightly between sites), but they do not charge any additional fees. There is no charge to sign up, and they don’t require you to pay for any training or technical support services. A virtual studio is not the best fit for every model, but depending on your needs, taking a second look at Boleyn Models may pay off in the long run.


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